everyday inspiration

inspiration can be found in your basic everyday activities, if you just open your eyes and look.

in fact it reminds me of a story my mother LOVES to retell. When i was in grade 5 i had my eyes tested… and they discovered i was freakin blind. this also meant i was going to be blessed with my very own, flattering, giant magnifying glasses. yes i was mad… until i looked around me. “i can see the LEAVES on the TREES!” what i really meant was i could actually see the detail and colour changes in each leaf, which is something she may have taken for granted. without 20/20 vision colours and lines just blend together, creating a very bland image.

Now being able to SEE these details changed the way i looked at everything around me. I tried to look beyond things right in front of me –to see as far as my eye would take me. (seriously, this used to be about as far as i can throw).

The day we picked up my very first popbottle lenses is now the inspiration i use everyday, for everything. look further. think further. there is always more than you can see.

now, seeing is not doing. i have all these amazing images stored in my brain; memories of places i’ve been. they become my inspiration, but pictures also inspire me. (my pictures folder is wham-packed with images)

along my internet-travels (i need a better word for this) i came across Smashing Magazine who not only showcase free desktop calendars to inspire creativity EVERY MONTH … but they also runs a contest to submit your own wallpaper or calendar design (submit at the latest two days before the end of a month)

Inspiration Wallpaper :: by David Pritchett “The Random Group” Toronto, Canada.

Dark Chair:: Bryce from USA.

Snow :: Patricia Montero de Cabana.

Flying Santa :: Vlad Gerasimov

Visit each month to pick out your new desktop image, and keep inspiring yourself.

NOTE: there seems to be only a small number of people submitting images to this contest. be sure you are one of them to keep this feature alive. if i knew how to photoshop i would sure be one of them!!


custom wallpaper in your shop


Bruce Wilson Canada :: for Blubird Store

Everyday imadeit dreams of opening a shop again. somewhere. somehow. i get giddy just thinking of new ways to make the shop a hundred times more exciting than the last time.

things like … a fully writable wall either with markers on vinyl, or a chalkboard … customized artists spaces allowing them to create a mini shop (like a craft show) … idea space with a new creativity building project each day — free and quick to try…

but on the other hand i want a continuous colour flow and simplicity through the space. see…. such icky decisions.

then i found this… Rollout Custom Wallpaper. You send them the graphic — they print it. and of COURSE they are from Vancouver… where all the coolest art action happens. their motto “You dream it. We make it.” (i love that!!)

plus they have put many efforts forth to become an eco-friendly option, using the widest format possible for rolls creating little paper waste and water based inks…

which are a safer, non-toxic and a more ‘eco’ choice in inks. Our inks have been rigorously tested on our papers to ensure print longevity, with no noticeable degradation to the image quality. A clear coat can be applied to increase washability and durability.

who doesnt love washable wallpapered walls??!

I assume you have to be rolling in the cash, considering the prices are not listed AND the client list is big name shops. But someday that will be me…

in the meantime, some of my favorites:


Forest Wallpaper :: Rollout

Adopt-a-Monster Wallpaper :: Rollout

While surfing about today i came across this recycled furniture completely by accident… but isn’t that the way it always goes?

Designer Johnny Swing of Vermont, re-purposes found metal items into furniture, lamps and household accessories (like his penny bowl. love!!)

baby food jar chair

Babyfood Jar Chair :: Johnny Swing via Offbeat Homes

even more amazing is his couch crafted from 64,000 nickels

nickle couch

Nickel Couch :: Johnny Swing via Offbeat Homes

Recycled Wrap

Recycled gift wrap on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Perfect Recycled Wrap :: Hanniabej’s

just remember to keep the recycling bin nearby –instead of stuffing all this paper in a garbage bag. Don’t forget to recycle this holiday.

Jolly elves to brighten your day

Jolly Elves from Parents.com

What You’ll Need

  • One whole chenille stem and half a stem
  • Small and large beads
  • Wooden face bead
  • Small jingle bell
  • Felt
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

Make It

  • Hat: Cut a 1-1/2-inch-diameter semicircle from felt. Wrap the semicircle around from point to point to form a cone, leaving a small opening at the tip; hot-glue to secure.
  • Scarf: Cut a 1/2-x-4-inch piece of felt; fringe ends with scissors. Cut a small lengthwise slit about 1 3/4 inches from one end for opposite end of scarf to pass through.
  • Body: Bend one chenille stem in half and, in the following order, thread materials over the bent point to about halfway down the stem: large bead for body, face bead, felt hat, small jingle bell. Leave about 3/4 inch above the jingle bell and shape the stem into a loop. Then, starting on opposite ends: Thread 4 small beads onto each leg and bend the ends to form feet. Use the half chenille stem to make arms by centering and twisting around the elf’s neck area. Thread 4 small beads onto each arm and bend the ends to form hands. Wrap the scarf around the elf’s neck, then thread ribbon through the top loop and hang.

Make someone warm + cozy this year

If anyone else is like me.. there is that one person that you just cant find anything for. They have everything and would still be happy with anything… but unfortunately that leaves the door open for way to many options. i need specifics. Anyways im thinking outerwear….


Make your own hat :: Curiously Crafty

Train Cap Revisited

The “eddie” cap :: mushroom villagers

Cloth Shoes :: Stardust Shoes

Jingle-Bell Slippers

Felt Booties for the Family :: Martha Stewart


Fabric Mitten Tutorial :: Write Mama Write

Recycled Sweater Tam :: Craftgrrl


Big Button Legwarmers :: Laupre

Quick little handmade toys

In my surfing journey’s i fell upon this soft little owl doll. Thank goodness hes stuffed with fluff (and love)

Recycled Owls :: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Tutorial PDF

If you find yourself bored while snowed in –whip one up. or two or TEN.

I was thinking of starting a flickr group for all the recycled projects, incase some of you try any of the tutorials, or want to show off your own creations. what do you think? what do i call it…..?