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Valentines Tea Party

Oh martha has inspired me today!! these foldup valentines are oh soo cute, and i think i will try to convince my daughter to make these for her class (with my help too, because i cant resist today) imagine a tiny candy ties in the center… Mmmmm

Antique-Style Valentine

Antique-Style Valentine ::

this one requires patience. admitedly it took me about 20 min to figure out because i kept jumping ahead thinking i knew what the next step was. it may not be what you think. follow the directions well.

Martha has also offered these lovely little alternatives to the standard white doilies

Handmade Heart Doilies

doily how-to

handmade heart doilies ::

I always wanted a little girl so we could have mini tea parties, and pink everything. believe it or not we have NEVER done that. so to make up for lost time i have arrange a mini valentines tea for my daughter, and a real tea for their moms. (oh what a pink + frilly day this will be) since i dont have pink tissue on hand i used pink magazine pages….and a few pink fabric scraps.



a few notes: when using magazine pages for the doilies, cut them square first. to create a circle of eight hearts i had to fold my square in four, then holding the folded edge towards me fold into a triangle TWICE. martha says once when using a napkin, but that only gave me four hearts with a standard piece of paper.


love, found… valentines gifts

photo credit Paula Hible for

this heart trivet from better homes + gardens is a cinch to assemble. Twist three lengths of red jersey into one long braid, shape into a heart, then sew through the underside with a needle and thread. Braid enough white jersey to create a layer of white, and sew again. Create another red braid; continue wrapping it around the heart shape until the trivet has reached the desired size, then sew again.

to keep this along the recycled theme… use old tshirts or sheets… okay pillowcases (smaller) to craft this project

and pre-made printable stickers…

Valentine Stickers pdf image

Printable stickers ::

Print these on a full-sheet sticker page (dollarama) and then cut out to decorate cards, candy, and presents. Download the stickers here

homemade relief for the cold season

So everyone i know seems to be sick, my household included. ironically i stumbled upon some homemade remedies to soothe body aches, sore throats and other things that pain you.

Homemade Heating Pad

Homemade Heating Pad :: Martha Stewart

Take comfort in an old home remedy with a heating pad filled with dried cherry pits or buckwheat. Click above for Martha’s tutorial.

Other Filler Options

  • Uncooked rice
  • Wheat
  • Feed corn
  • Barley
  • Oatmeal
  • Beans
  • Flax seed
  • Cherry pits

To soothe a headache, be sure to mix one of the above with …

  • dried lavender
  • Marjoram
  • Betony
  • Rose petals
  • Cloves
  • Rosemary

Let mixed herb and filler sit in a sealed container for a few days (occasionally stirring). This will help set and distribute the fragrance a bit.

(Make sure to never microwave with the cover unless it’s content is full cotton. Also a good idea to make the cover removable to wash as needed.)

Cayenne Pepper Mouthwash for a sore throat

Herbal Throat Lozenges (slippery elm, marshmallow + licorice)

Garlic can also be helpful when battling illiness because it will fight off offending bacteria or viruses. Try adding it raw to your salad and other dishes.

Humidify your home in winter: Part of the reason the flu thrives in the winter is due to you furnace. Artificial heat lowers humidity, creating an environment that allows the influenza virus to thrive. Adding some moisture to the air in your home during the winter with a warm- or cool-mist humidifier may not only help prevent the spread of flu, it may also make you feel more comfortable if you do get it.

Honey has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for coughs. It’s a simple enough recipe: Mix 1 tablespoon honey into 1 cup hot water, stir well, and enjoy. Honey acts as a natural expectorant, promoting the flow of mucus. Squeeze some lemon in if you want a little tartness

This ancient Mustard remedy for the flu, chest colds, and bronchitis dates back to the Ancient Romans, who early on understood the healing properties of mustard. Mustard is loaded with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, many of which can be inhaled through the vapors. Impress Grandma by making a mustard plaster with 1 tablespoon dry mustard and 2 to 4 tablespoons flour. Mix both with 1 egg white (optional) and warm water to form a paste. Next, find a clean handkerchief or square of muslin large enough to cover the upper chest. Smear the cloth the same way you’d smear mustard on a sandwich, then plop another cloth over it. Dab olive oil on the patient’s skin and apply the mustard plaster to the upper chest. Check the patient every few minutes since mustard plaster can burn. Remove after a few minutes. Afterward, wash off any traces of mustard from the skin.

A cup of hot tea is just another way to take your fluids, which are so essential when you have the flu. Just be sure to choose decaffeinated varieties. Caffeine is a mild diuretic, which is counterproductive when you have the flu, and you certainly don’t want to be awakened with the need to use the bathroom when you need your rest!

Hot lemonade has been used as a flu remedy since Roman times and is still highly regarded in the folk traditions of New England. Lemons, being highly acidic, help make mucous membranes distasteful to bacteria and viruses. Lemon oil, which gives the juice its fragrance, is like a wonder drug containing antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory constituents. The oil also acts as an expectorant. To make this flu-fighting fruit drink, place 1 chopped lemon — skin, pulp, and all — into 1 cup boiling water. While the lemon steeps for 5 minutes, inhale the steam. Strain, add honey (to taste), and enjoy. Drink hot lemonade three to four times a day throughout your illness.

Try thyme when the mucous membranes are stuffed, the head aches, and the body is hot with fever. Wonderfully fragrant, thyme delights the senses (if you can smell when you’re sick) and works as a powerful expectorant and antiseptic, thanks to its constituent oil, thymol. By cupping your hands around a mug of thyme tea and breathing in the steam, the thymol sets to work through your upper respiratory tract, loosening mucus and inhibiting bacteria from settling down to stay. Make thyme tea in a snap by adding 1 teaspoon dried thyme leaves to 1 cup boiling water. Let steep for five minutes while inhaling the steam. Strain the tea, sweeten with honey (to taste), and slowly sip.


Jolly elves to brighten your day

Jolly Elves from

What You’ll Need

  • One whole chenille stem and half a stem
  • Small and large beads
  • Wooden face bead
  • Small jingle bell
  • Felt
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

Make It

  • Hat: Cut a 1-1/2-inch-diameter semicircle from felt. Wrap the semicircle around from point to point to form a cone, leaving a small opening at the tip; hot-glue to secure.
  • Scarf: Cut a 1/2-x-4-inch piece of felt; fringe ends with scissors. Cut a small lengthwise slit about 1 3/4 inches from one end for opposite end of scarf to pass through.
  • Body: Bend one chenille stem in half and, in the following order, thread materials over the bent point to about halfway down the stem: large bead for body, face bead, felt hat, small jingle bell. Leave about 3/4 inch above the jingle bell and shape the stem into a loop. Then, starting on opposite ends: Thread 4 small beads onto each leg and bend the ends to form feet. Use the half chenille stem to make arms by centering and twisting around the elf’s neck area. Thread 4 small beads onto each arm and bend the ends to form hands. Wrap the scarf around the elf’s neck, then thread ribbon through the top loop and hang.

Make someone warm + cozy this year

If anyone else is like me.. there is that one person that you just cant find anything for. They have everything and would still be happy with anything… but unfortunately that leaves the door open for way to many options. i need specifics. Anyways im thinking outerwear….


Make your own hat :: Curiously Crafty

Train Cap Revisited

The “eddie” cap :: mushroom villagers

Cloth Shoes :: Stardust Shoes

Jingle-Bell Slippers

Felt Booties for the Family :: Martha Stewart


Fabric Mitten Tutorial :: Write Mama Write

Recycled Sweater Tam :: Craftgrrl


Big Button Legwarmers :: Laupre

Quick little handmade toys

In my surfing journey’s i fell upon this soft little owl doll. Thank goodness hes stuffed with fluff (and love)

Recycled Owls :: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Tutorial PDF

If you find yourself bored while snowed in –whip one up. or two or TEN.

I was thinking of starting a flickr group for all the recycled projects, incase some of you try any of the tutorials, or want to show off your own creations. what do you think? what do i call it…..?

Unique Christmas Centerpieces

We are having Christmas Eve dinner at our house.. for the first time EVER. Its nerve-racking but exciting, because now i have a reason to create a centerpiece.

Its not just for my personal enjoyment.

Here are a few of the inspiring ideas i found:

Close-up of red white Noel table setting

Christmas Balls perched atop unused candlesticks ::


Decorate a tiered tray with vintage decorations ::

I’m fell in love with these unique Christmas balls…before i even realized they were recycled decorations.

Christmas bulb bundles

Christmas Balls from Reused Christmas Lights ::

I’m wondering how many of us have purchase the new supposedly eco-friendly led style christmas lights… and what people have done with the big fat old energy sucking ones…