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funky finds for valentines

The man went shopping for my valentine’s gift today. these are some of the things that were on my “helpful list for the man”…  and called me 2 hours into it stating he couldnt find anything under $100. “thats right.” i said. “what i want cannot be found at the mall!”

do something different this year and find something sweet, unique and totally handmade for the love of your life. even if you dont care for this particular holiday, show yourself how much you care about… you.

Fat Lady Sings Book

Fat lady sings notebook $25 from grrraphics

Roses and heart box

Vintage Looking Roses + Hearts Box $12 from Enfantjolie

Seduction Soap

Seduction Soap $4.25 from Sweet+Tranquil

Raku Heart Pendant w/ Golden Pear-like flecks, metallic red highlights

Raku Heart Pendant $9.99 from Martha Lynn

Dry Erase Memo Board- Batcat Body-

Dry Erase Memo Board (perfect for leaving little love notes) $6.50 from BlackLilyPie

Pretty in Pink, Ring

Pretty in Pink Ring $12 from The Ardent Sparrow

Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Long Sleeve Onesie or T Shirt

Hugs + Kisses Long Sleeve Baby Tee $15 from PotatoPatch

Owly Snap Pouch

Owl Snap Pouch $13 from The Needlings

Hedgehogs in Love (Pair of Felted Wool Balls)

Hedgehogs in Love $20 from Beneath the Rowan Tree

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH - Leather Wristband - Unisex

Live, Laugh, Love $15 from Leather Made Nice

Would You Love Me Cufflinks $25 from Block Party Press

Red Button Bead Earrings

Red Button Earrings $3.50 from 5 and Under

Peace Rose Necklace $35 from ForTheCrossJewelry

Edward Has My Heart

“Edward Has My Heart” Pendant $15 from Beaddifferent

Diamonds in the Rough Wrapped Ring - Set of 5

Diamonds in the Rough, Wrapped Ring $95 from Kate Szabone

Rainbow Love

Rainbow Love $50 from InBloom Designs

Arrow Necklace $17 from Greenerica

what tells them best that you think of them everyday, every moment?

think love… not just lovely.


Valentines Tea Party

Oh martha has inspired me today!! these foldup valentines are oh soo cute, and i think i will try to convince my daughter to make these for her class (with my help too, because i cant resist today) imagine a tiny candy ties in the center… Mmmmm

Antique-Style Valentine

Antique-Style Valentine ::

this one requires patience. admitedly it took me about 20 min to figure out because i kept jumping ahead thinking i knew what the next step was. it may not be what you think. follow the directions well.

Martha has also offered these lovely little alternatives to the standard white doilies

Handmade Heart Doilies

doily how-to

handmade heart doilies ::

I always wanted a little girl so we could have mini tea parties, and pink everything. believe it or not we have NEVER done that. so to make up for lost time i have arrange a mini valentines tea for my daughter, and a real tea for their moms. (oh what a pink + frilly day this will be) since i dont have pink tissue on hand i used pink magazine pages….and a few pink fabric scraps.



a few notes: when using magazine pages for the doilies, cut them square first. to create a circle of eight hearts i had to fold my square in four, then holding the folded edge towards me fold into a triangle TWICE. martha says once when using a napkin, but that only gave me four hearts with a standard piece of paper.

love, found… valentines gifts

photo credit Paula Hible for

this heart trivet from better homes + gardens is a cinch to assemble. Twist three lengths of red jersey into one long braid, shape into a heart, then sew through the underside with a needle and thread. Braid enough white jersey to create a layer of white, and sew again. Create another red braid; continue wrapping it around the heart shape until the trivet has reached the desired size, then sew again.

to keep this along the recycled theme… use old tshirts or sheets… okay pillowcases (smaller) to craft this project

and pre-made printable stickers…

Valentine Stickers pdf image

Printable stickers ::

Print these on a full-sheet sticker page (dollarama) and then cut out to decorate cards, candy, and presents. Download the stickers here