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funky finds for valentines

The man went shopping for my valentine’s gift today. these are some of the things that were on my “helpful list for the man”…  and called me 2 hours into it stating he couldnt find anything under $100. “thats right.” i said. “what i want cannot be found at the mall!”

do something different this year and find something sweet, unique and totally handmade for the love of your life. even if you dont care for this particular holiday, show yourself how much you care about… you.

Fat Lady Sings Book

Fat lady sings notebook $25 from grrraphics

Roses and heart box

Vintage Looking Roses + Hearts Box $12 from Enfantjolie

Seduction Soap

Seduction Soap $4.25 from Sweet+Tranquil

Raku Heart Pendant w/ Golden Pear-like flecks, metallic red highlights

Raku Heart Pendant $9.99 from Martha Lynn

Dry Erase Memo Board- Batcat Body-

Dry Erase Memo Board (perfect for leaving little love notes) $6.50 from BlackLilyPie

Pretty in Pink, Ring

Pretty in Pink Ring $12 from The Ardent Sparrow

Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Long Sleeve Onesie or T Shirt

Hugs + Kisses Long Sleeve Baby Tee $15 from PotatoPatch

Owly Snap Pouch

Owl Snap Pouch $13 from The Needlings

Hedgehogs in Love (Pair of Felted Wool Balls)

Hedgehogs in Love $20 from Beneath the Rowan Tree

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH - Leather Wristband - Unisex

Live, Laugh, Love $15 from Leather Made Nice

Would You Love Me Cufflinks $25 from Block Party Press

Red Button Bead Earrings

Red Button Earrings $3.50 from 5 and Under

Peace Rose Necklace $35 from ForTheCrossJewelry

Edward Has My Heart

“Edward Has My Heart” Pendant $15 from Beaddifferent

Diamonds in the Rough Wrapped Ring - Set of 5

Diamonds in the Rough, Wrapped Ring $95 from Kate Szabone

Rainbow Love

Rainbow Love $50 from InBloom Designs

Arrow Necklace $17 from Greenerica

what tells them best that you think of them everyday, every moment?

think love… not just lovely.


Recycled Wrap

Recycled gift wrap on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Perfect Recycled Wrap :: Hanniabej’s

just remember to keep the recycling bin nearby –instead of stuffing all this paper in a garbage bag. Don’t forget to recycle this holiday.

Unique trees = so much love

These yarn wrapped trees are exactly what i was looking for to add colour to my house.
recycled miniature yarn tree in progress by paper•ballet.

Yarn wrapping technique :: Paper*Ballet

The general materials are listed on her flickr page (click on top photo) but basically its a cone shape from recycled papers such as junk mail, or toilet paper rolls. You can wrap with anything you have lying around the craft room.

This seems simple enough that i could give this to my daughter to work on by herself. This is a big thing lately. i would most likely get my arm chewed off if i try to slip in and fix something. Funny story though, because its all my fault. I was trying to teach her not to change or ‘fix’ other people projects (i found my doll with a big black smile across his somber face, because i didnt make him happy enough) … and now its coming back to get me, and my need to get my hands in and help ‘guide’ her.

Felted Trees Tutorial :: The Long Thread

I am overjoyed for these felted trees, but i personally dont wear or have wool sweaters. I love the colours though. (square tree from martha, if you dont have wool or friends with wool) Below is another paper tree tutorial


Magazine Trees Tutorial :: Not Martha

And a simple wooden tree…

(i couldnt decide where to list this one.. under sticks or trees.. such serious decisions to make)

Wooden Tree ::

But for the more serious crafter …


Felt Holiday Tree Tutorial :: The Thompson Family

The unique beauty lies in the choice of fabrics and colours. Use monochromatic colour scheme for an elegant + sophisticated look. Or if your house is like mine, and the furniture, walls and accessories are already monochromatic  (all beige + brown) try for a mismatched random colour selection.

Recycled Holiday Challenge… from Craft Gossip

Here at Craft Gossip, I wanted to take that spirit a little farther, and have a Recycled Holiday Craft Challenge. Between now and Christmas day, any time you make something for the holidays that’s got recycled materials in it, post it to the Craft Gossip Flickr pool and tag it “recycled contest”. I’ll be posting all those items here to the blog so everyone can see all the goodness, and for each item I post to the blog, the crafter will be entered into a drawing.

all you have to do is:
1. take a picture of an item you’re making for the holidays
2. post it to the Craft Gossip Flickr pool
3. tag the photo “recycled contest”
4. wait to see it show up here [on the craft gossip blog]

… read more over at craft gossip

Organize with thrifted treasures

For myself, i need to organize things (de-clutter) before i pull out more things … like holiday decorations. In addition, because i grew up with “sunday afternoon antiquing”, summer vacations searching for antiques of the area, ghost stories and historical tours, i have this strange passion for everything vintage. Thus my dedication to finding the perfect thrift store too. I love the eclectic look of miss matching vintage and new. and go figure that antique shopping is good for the environment, as its avoiding buying from big factory manufacturers…

On that note real quick… i wonder if its the handmade trend; shopping from independent manufacturers/artists that has lead to this decline in the economy? I know everyone else thinks its a bad thing, but i think its about time. the market for everything is priced way to high. it had to fall… and if handmade is the cause then we are finally getting the point across.

now.. back to organizing…

Here are a few ideas i love, but you may have to spend some time hunting for them in an antique store or garage sales. wow. i wish there were garage sales in the winter…

Mail Storage for the family ::

I have always loved these next two styles of shelving. I have searched around here, but anyone that has one must be holding on to it with all their might.

Vintage Shelving ::

Wire Basket Containers ::

i love everything about this next idea…. right down to the metal letters. If only i could find one for each member in our family… and convince the small one NOT to reorganize the shelf on a daily basis.

Safety Deposit Box Shelving ::

Mail Sorter ::

More simple little things…

turn a light fixture into a vase

vintage salt shakers to store bath salts

I am itching to go thrifting now…

That urge combined with a conversation i had at a recent show (our non-crafty friends dont seem to have the same ‘thrift’ passions as we do) i have come up with an idea. A super idea … that im almost too giddy to get out…

How many of you would like to take a Vintage Shopping Field Trip. We could hit all the awesome antique markets and thrift stores, from here to toronto. We can split the cost to rent or borrow as many trucks or vans as possible, cover gas… etc. oh mama. see… best idea ever. and im serious about this. and golly … then i could actually meet all of you too.

If your interested, if you OWN a truck or van, or if you know of an awesome spot we need to visit leave a comment on the new page i created “Vintage Shopping Field Trip” (see across the top). I will add a list of all the places we should go, and whatever details we figure out like time, date and costs.

Decorative Paper Trees

I’m so giddy about this Martha Stewart craft, but cant believe i didn’t think of it myself.

Martha Stewart

Paper Stacked Trees :: Martha Stewart

Cleary Martha deserves a superior HIGH FIVE for her crafty brains and a HIGH FIVE to the eco-friendly materials too. Yah to her for not suggesting we run out to michaels and purchase her very own line of specialty craft papers “that are just perfect for this craft”

We are definitely working on this tonight!!

But here are my changes (of course)

find a recipie spike as she suggests or make mini trees by nailing a giant nail into a small block of wood. lay with nail facing upwards (looks like a recipie/office note spike eh??!) alternate newspaper with cardstock or glue a few layers of paper together to thicken the sheets.

happy holidays!

More Holiday Shopping

It was all about holiday shopping today, and after reading through pages of ‘recommendations’ for highly manufactured items (just to get ideas) i came up with nothing but frustration.

seriously… everything is the same every where you go.

different lables; different names.

I decided to take a peek at what some of my crafty friends were working on and im in love with all of it. THIS is why im so dedicated to handmade.

They offer things i would never think of making.

things i never though i neeeeded to have.

and things that are so well done. you know the creator has such a passion for what they are making, and its almost like taking a peice of them home with you –hoping you will absorb a speck of the creativity that attatched itself as leaving their hands.


Bottle Beasties :: Gnarled Branch

David paints on anything and everything, and from time to time these little ‘beasties’ jump in the way and get trapped for all eternity –but totally to our enjoyment. Click on the photo to see his whole collection of bottle beasties or visit to see all his works

Find David at a number of craft shows before christmas…

Crafternoon Tea
Saturday November 29th (11am – 5pm)
Where: Queen Street East Presb. Church, 947 Queen St. East at Carlaw…just 2 short blocks West of Pape/Nathalie-Roze & Co (N-R’s shop/studio) in spunky Leslieville.

Speakeasy Holiday Craft Sale
Thursday December 4th, 8pm-Midnight
The Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen West. Toronto
Second Floor Lobby + Studios Rooms

Art and Craft Sale @ The WhipperSnapper Gallery
Saturday, December 13, 2008 1:00pm – 6:00pm
WhipperSnapper Gallery, 587A College Street, Toronto, ON

CBC Holiday Craft Show
Wed. Dec. 3rd  10am -5pm
CBC Building- 250 Front St. West Toronto

Hotshot Show and Sale
Dec.3- til end of month
Kensington Market, 181 Augusta Ave. Toronto, Ontario
(416) 979-7574
open 7 days a week, our regular hours are 11am – 7pm

**more to be announced.