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its a bloomin great show

I have received applications from so many wonderful vendors for this years Bloomin Earth show, and i cant wait for you to see … here is a quick sneak peek…

(click on the photos to visit their website)


Penela’s Earth

BOGO SALE - Dalim Green Gold Four Strand Necklace

Dashe Designs

Childrens Apron
Kiki Creation

Hot Love Gnomes - Click Image to Close

Sarah Apple

Checker Cracker Platter - Handmade Fused Glass

Glossy Glass

Pretty Bird!

Pink Polka Dots Pinafore - 1 to 3 Years

This Little Bird

Fani Song

Late for a Very Important Date - Resin Belt Buckle

My Girl Thursday

sallygirlSallyGirl Designs

unlock my heart necklace

Rock On Accessories

Mimsy Rabbit
Kuku Caju


Creswell Rd Bowtie in Gray Grid

Mr. Skona


funky finds for valentines

The man went shopping for my valentine’s gift today. these are some of the things that were on my “helpful list for the man”…  and called me 2 hours into it stating he couldnt find anything under $100. “thats right.” i said. “what i want cannot be found at the mall!”

do something different this year and find something sweet, unique and totally handmade for the love of your life. even if you dont care for this particular holiday, show yourself how much you care about… you.

Fat Lady Sings Book

Fat lady sings notebook $25 from grrraphics

Roses and heart box

Vintage Looking Roses + Hearts Box $12 from Enfantjolie

Seduction Soap

Seduction Soap $4.25 from Sweet+Tranquil

Raku Heart Pendant w/ Golden Pear-like flecks, metallic red highlights

Raku Heart Pendant $9.99 from Martha Lynn

Dry Erase Memo Board- Batcat Body-

Dry Erase Memo Board (perfect for leaving little love notes) $6.50 from BlackLilyPie

Pretty in Pink, Ring

Pretty in Pink Ring $12 from The Ardent Sparrow

Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Long Sleeve Onesie or T Shirt

Hugs + Kisses Long Sleeve Baby Tee $15 from PotatoPatch

Owly Snap Pouch

Owl Snap Pouch $13 from The Needlings

Hedgehogs in Love (Pair of Felted Wool Balls)

Hedgehogs in Love $20 from Beneath the Rowan Tree

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH - Leather Wristband - Unisex

Live, Laugh, Love $15 from Leather Made Nice

Would You Love Me Cufflinks $25 from Block Party Press

Red Button Bead Earrings

Red Button Earrings $3.50 from 5 and Under

Peace Rose Necklace $35 from ForTheCrossJewelry

Edward Has My Heart

“Edward Has My Heart” Pendant $15 from Beaddifferent

Diamonds in the Rough Wrapped Ring - Set of 5

Diamonds in the Rough, Wrapped Ring $95 from Kate Szabone

Rainbow Love

Rainbow Love $50 from InBloom Designs

Arrow Necklace $17 from Greenerica

what tells them best that you think of them everyday, every moment?

think love… not just lovely.

new handmade finds

KINDLING twig handled textile art BASKET KINDLING twig handled textile art BASKET
by thekeepershouse
Amoeba Brooch Amoeba Brooch
by seapod
Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue, Necklace Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue, Necklace
by TheArdentSparrow
Six Miniature Paintings Six Miniature Paintings
by sylviagrantins
Pretty Girl pin set/gift tags Pretty Girl pin set/gift tags
by blacklilypie
letterpress stationery card printed on recycled paper - alphabet letters illustration letterpress stationery card printed on recycled paper – alphabet letters illustration
by sweetbeets
Pebble Ring Pebble Ring
by kateszabone
Girl Power Pendant - blue Girl Power Pendant – blue
by nivenglassoriginals
printer's device mug 4, custom printer’s device mug 4, custom
by fieldguided
La Petite Forest Stationary Set La Petite Forest Stationary Set
by jellybeans
Large Seed Headpiece Large Seed Headpiece
by ConverseWithFlowers
Balance Balance
by anntbun
SALE - Upcycled Pillowcase Wristlet - Cranberry Olive SALE – Upcycled Pillowcase Wristlet – Cranberry Olive
by loscann
Rainbow Love - Free shipping Rainbow Love – Free shipping
by inbloomdesigns

Lets make some jewelry

Im a little addicted to jewelry that goes bling bling, yet i rather have it hanging on the wall in my bedroom, than actually wear it. My daughter is completely the opposite. She makes it a goal to wear every piece at the same time.  Rather than buy her a bulk of dollarstore accessories, we are going to make them ourselves.

Dough Pendants

(Click on Photos to see tutorials)

Dough Faces from Art Attack

Dough Faces from Art Attack

This is a fabulous tutorial showing you how to add the facial details, at a level kids will understand.

We used this concept, but added a hole in the top around  the forehead so we can string it on a necklace. Another option would be to make the face about an an inch thick (and smaller in diameter) and stick a paperclip into the top so only the loop of the paper clip is showing, to use as a hook.

Here are a few other Salt Dough recipes:

Creative Clay :: Toddler Moms Modeling Dough Recepies
1 cup cornstarch
2 cups baking soda (1 LB.. package)
1 1/4 cups cold water

Stir starch and soda together. Mix in cold water and stir over heat until mixture has consistency of mashed potatoes. Turn onto a plate and cover with a damp cloth until cool enough to handle. Then knead. Use immediately or store in an air-tight container. This dough has a smooth consistency. It is good for ornaments, modeling, or pottery. It can be rolled thin and cut with cookie cutters. Dries at room temperature in 3 days. Or dry in a 200 degree oven

This dough is a smoother clay like material and the heating helps bond the ingredients together. If you simply mix you may get cracks in your decorations when they dry.

Jewelry Dough :: Toddler Moms Modeling Dough Recepies
1/2 cup flour
1/3 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup salt
1/3 cup warm water

Mix ingredients together. Add warm water gradually until the mixture can be kneaded into a stiff dough. If the dough is sticky, dust with dry flour.

Yarn Bracelet :: Kids Craft Weekly.

(Click on Photos to see tutorials)

issue 57

Photo from Kids Craft Weekly :: issue 57

You can also use long pieces of scrap fabric, ribbons or even coloured plastic bags.

In addition…. I recommend subscribing to the Kids Craft newsletter by visiting the Kids Craft Weekly website, or check out the past issues. For more fun, check out the Kids Craft Weekly Flickr photo pool!

The next tutorial i found might be for the older children, as you do have to roll the paper really tight to create the bead.

Paper Beads :: Being Natasha Fialkov

(Click on Photos to see tutorials)

paper bead tutorial

From Being Natasha Fialkov :: paper bead tutorial

I used to make beads like this for hours in my parents basement (yah its true i didnt get out much. just to creative–not pathetic) I was into using household material back then too, using flour glue instead of the expensive kinds. But any glue will work (see the last post on differnt glue types)

another trick is to coat each bead with resin (as natasha shows you) or wrap with beads and wire once dried… to add a little something extra. wow im ready to craft RIGHT NOW!! I think my daughter and i will do this one tonight…

i have to add… i just discovered the Art Attack website and im in love. So many activities, such amazing lessons. Saying “I love it” just doesnt express my emotions enough!

time for a winter wardrobe?!

I know its too beautiful outside to think about this today –17degrees in November… woah!! but my office is still chilly. And because im sure the freezing cold chill will sneak up on us all in no time. Actually, I have been in need of some sweaters for some time, but since i like them long in the arms and body and  slim fitting too i have struggled through many many failed thrift shopping trips. So i decided to make some myself. i mean, why not. (and its been a while since i offered a tutorial too) Once again this isn’t from my own head, although i am planning on reusing an old oversized sweatshirt as the fabric….

If you join the BurdaStyle website you will have access to free patterns you can print right from your home computer. You are required to then peice together the pages, but i think they are numbered or lettered (its been a while since i used their site)

Here are some of my favorites.

(after you have signed up for their site, click on the links below, choose either print at home or instructions to get started)

(Hooded Pullover Amy 6028 or Zipup Cardigan Amin 6029)


Plain Shrug Sarah or Shrug w/Collar Ester

400x555 400x555

… but then i found more …

Wide Sleeve Blouse Emily and Vest Dress Laura

250x225 400x555

and lastly… if i had a prom to go to (if i had been this smart back then) I would wear this…

Heidi Prom Dress


…. Maybe the next Reclaimed Craft Show will be a PROM theme. OOooh i have a collection of ‘beautiful’ ideas a spinning in my head..

Recycled Jewelry

payphone button cufflinks!! from 19moons

repurposed scarf

Repurposed leopard print scarf!! from ChiChiDee

handcast resin pendants, from Deanna Burasco

Lichen earrings, from Stir Designs

from Recycled Rings

antique pill bottle necklace, from Marinarios

scrabble tile + paper ring, from Its All About The Print

WOW!! Twig Bracelets of solid sterling silver cast from molds of real twigs, from Stratus Silver

Local artists

so i have spent most of my day researching the market of artists here in kitchener… and like usual there are more than expected. rather than keep all this info to myself, to use the day the store eventually opens again… i thought i would share some of my favorites.

Tin DoorKnob Hanger from Born In A Barn, Ailsa Craig ON

Giving Tree Brooch from This Little Bird, Waterloo ON

Pearl Hairpins from Munkee Jewelry, Windsor ON

(i personally love the simplicity of her site too!!)

Soapstones, Haliburton ON

(they also have a beautiful pack for babies…with equally cute names like “baby bum butter”. I am so sad i didnt know about them 6 years ago)

Stationary from Paper Hearts Card Co., Whitby ON

Body Parfait from Green Tangerine, Hampton ON

Baby sling from SewFunky, Waterloo ON

Caribbean Sun from Hat Mood, Guelph ON

Waves of the Ocean Earrings from Angelstuff, Waterloo ON

Paper Pendant from PiLeaf Creations, Waterloo ON

Wallets +Pouches from What sew ever, Waterloo ON

Pottery from Nesting Emily, Waterloo ON

Weezi, London ON

These few are NOT local, or even Canadian…

but i love them just the same. They remind me of summer barbeques, and family picnics, but they are much more earth friendly being washable, compared to somthing you toss in the trash.

PORCELAIN PAPER PLATES by Virginia Sin, California

<!––> CRINKLE CUPS by Rob Brandt, California