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its a bloomin great show

I have received applications from so many wonderful vendors for this years Bloomin Earth show, and i cant wait for you to see … here is a quick sneak peek…

(click on the photos to visit their website)


Penela’s Earth

BOGO SALE - Dalim Green Gold Four Strand Necklace

Dashe Designs

Childrens Apron
Kiki Creation

Hot Love Gnomes - Click Image to Close

Sarah Apple

Checker Cracker Platter - Handmade Fused Glass

Glossy Glass

Pretty Bird!

Pink Polka Dots Pinafore - 1 to 3 Years

This Little Bird

Fani Song

Late for a Very Important Date - Resin Belt Buckle

My Girl Thursday

sallygirlSallyGirl Designs

unlock my heart necklace

Rock On Accessories

Mimsy Rabbit
Kuku Caju


Creswell Rd Bowtie in Gray Grid

Mr. Skona


Make someone warm + cozy this year

If anyone else is like me.. there is that one person that you just cant find anything for. They have everything and would still be happy with anything… but unfortunately that leaves the door open for way to many options. i need specifics. Anyways im thinking outerwear….


Make your own hat :: Curiously Crafty

Train Cap Revisited

The “eddie” cap :: mushroom villagers

Cloth Shoes :: Stardust Shoes

Jingle-Bell Slippers

Felt Booties for the Family :: Martha Stewart


Fabric Mitten Tutorial :: Write Mama Write

Recycled Sweater Tam :: Craftgrrl


Big Button Legwarmers :: Laupre