everyday inspiration

inspiration can be found in your basic everyday activities, if you just open your eyes and look.

in fact it reminds me of a story my mother LOVES to retell. When i was in grade 5 i had my eyes tested… and they discovered i was freakin blind. this also meant i was going to be blessed with my very own, flattering, giant magnifying glasses. yes i was mad… until i looked around me. “i can see the LEAVES on the TREES!” what i really meant was i could actually see the detail and colour changes in each leaf, which is something she may have taken for granted. without 20/20 vision colours and lines just blend together, creating a very bland image.

Now being able to SEE these details changed the way i looked at everything around me. I tried to look beyond things right in front of me –to see as far as my eye would take me. (seriously, this used to be about as far as i can throw).

The day we picked up my very first popbottle lenses is now the inspiration i use everyday, for everything. look further. think further. there is always more than you can see.

now, seeing is not doing. i have all these amazing images stored in my brain; memories of places i’ve been. they become my inspiration, but pictures also inspire me. (my pictures folder is wham-packed with images)

along my internet-travels (i need a better word for this) i came across Smashing Magazine who not only showcase free desktop calendars to inspire creativity EVERY MONTH … but they also runs a contest to submit your own wallpaper or calendar design (submit at the latest two days before the end of a month)

Inspiration Wallpaper :: by David Pritchett “The Random Group” Toronto, Canada.

Dark Chair:: Bryce from USA.

Snow :: Patricia Montero de Cabana.

Flying Santa :: Vlad Gerasimov

Visit each month to pick out your new desktop image, and keep inspiring yourself.

NOTE: there seems to be only a small number of people submitting images to this contest. be sure you are one of them to keep this feature alive. if i knew how to photoshop i would sure be one of them!!


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