custom wallpaper in your shop

Bruce Wilson Canada :: for Blubird Store

Everyday imadeit dreams of opening a shop again. somewhere. somehow. i get giddy just thinking of new ways to make the shop a hundred times more exciting than the last time.

things like … a fully writable wall either with markers on vinyl, or a chalkboard … customized artists spaces allowing them to create a mini shop (like a craft show) … idea space with a new creativity building project each day — free and quick to try…

but on the other hand i want a continuous colour flow and simplicity through the space. see…. such icky decisions.

then i found this… Rollout Custom Wallpaper. You send them the graphic — they print it. and of COURSE they are from Vancouver… where all the coolest art action happens. their motto “You dream it. We make it.” (i love that!!)

plus they have put many efforts forth to become an eco-friendly option, using the widest format possible for rolls creating little paper waste and water based inks…

which are a safer, non-toxic and a more ‘eco’ choice in inks. Our inks have been rigorously tested on our papers to ensure print longevity, with no noticeable degradation to the image quality. A clear coat can be applied to increase washability and durability.

who doesnt love washable wallpapered walls??!

I assume you have to be rolling in the cash, considering the prices are not listed AND the client list is big name shops. But someday that will be me…

in the meantime, some of my favorites:

Forest Wallpaper :: Rollout

Adopt-a-Monster Wallpaper :: Rollout


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