Last min holiday ideas

Why have i been avoiding falling in love with Free People… i dunno!  but its finally happened. I added them to google reader and cant stop reading. they are brilliant. and chic.

my favorites (and i really wish i read them earlier)


Alternate christmas tree :: All the Luck in the World found via Free People Clothing

This one may even be fun for a year round decoration… flowers on a little girls wall… outlining trucks or a city on a little boys wall (this artist is even the creator of that really cool recycled chair in the photo. oooh shes going to be bookmarked too!!)

floral table :: All the luck in the world

This little table is just one of the examples of the artists’ other pieces. My daughter has a small table + chair set (… Dora+Boots) which i am personally tired of looking at. she is obsessed with stickers which in combination with this little table gave me an idea.

I’m going to sand down Dora+Boots to remove the loose stickers, and any gummy glue from ones she tried to reposition and give it a coat of white paint. We will then decorate the table top (in perfect design order) with stickers and cutouts of her drawings. I have a giant container of gloss which i will layer ontop of her creations to seal and protect them. The goal will then be to NOT add more stickers or doodles.. ha yah right.


Beaded Trees :: Free People Clothing

We still have a large collection of buttons and beads of all shapes and sizes. Yes i found even MORE while organizing my craft room last weekend. This might just be our tradional christmas eve craft this year… now to find some styrofoam cones that are eco-friendly…


Garland Light :: Tord Boontje via Free People Clothing

This one i can totally imagine in my front hall, now that the house is all clean and organized (and grown-up). We have a dome light cover just as you walk in the door. Its boring. and Gold. My favorite shop of all time (the dollar store) has foil garlands of snowflakes. At some point (since this is very last minute) i am going to find a way to wrap this around our light fixture –maybe dangle some gold beads… and reproduce this work of art.

all in all… this may be the last post before the big day.

i wish everyone JOY and HAPPINESS this holiday season.

and thats all i can say before i turn to a big puddle of mush, soaked in tears. (im such a sap –and yes i cry for EVERY holiday commercial)

** NOTE: Free People is a line from Urban Outfitters, who also developed Anthropologie.


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