Unique Christmas Centerpieces

We are having Christmas Eve dinner at our house.. for the first time EVER. Its nerve-racking but exciting, because now i have a reason to create a centerpiece.

Its not just for my personal enjoyment.

Here are a few of the inspiring ideas i found:

Close-up of red white Noel table setting

Christmas Balls perched atop unused candlesticks :: BHG.com


Decorate a tiered tray with vintage decorations :: BHG.com

I’m fell in love with these unique Christmas balls…before i even realized they were recycled decorations.

Christmas bulb bundles

Christmas Balls from Reused Christmas Lights :: BHG.com

I’m wondering how many of us have purchase the new supposedly eco-friendly led style christmas lights… and what people have done with the big fat old energy sucking ones…


3 responses to “Unique Christmas Centerpieces

  1. I’ll have to show these to my wife. She’d probably love them greatly.

  2. She did and thinks they’re very creative.

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