Natural Healing

I am all about DIY … for everything. It saves money, saves resources… and of course if you have all these things growing in your backyard, or somewhere easily accessible –it saves time too. all the great things right?!

We have excema. yes the whole family. So we have been through all the ointments, creams and solvents to try and ‘cure’ this common ailment which i feel is directly realted to the amount of chemicals in our everyday life. Especially the chemicals in the ointments we are using to heal this chemically caused irritation.

One aloe plant has the more healing power than the equivalent amount of a store bought ‘healer’

So natural is the way to go.

Aloe Vera: Purchase already squeezed aloe at a health food store or even better grow the plant yourself. Break a bit off and squish out the juice. Dont worry, the plant will seal its open edge, and keep on growing until next time.

Honey: Its a natural anti-bacterial agent. it will help speed healing and ward off infection, if smeared on a wound. A small jar or vial of raw honey is plenty for basic first aid.

Vitamin E: Just use a pin to puncture the vitamin E capsule (it’s a ready-made single dose) and then rub the oil on burns, cuts, and scrapes to promote healing

Ginger: Ginger helps with nausea from illness, motion sickness, or even morning sickness. Purchase crystalized or as soft chews

Epsom Salts: Epsom salt and water is good for soaking wounds to clean them, plus you can make an epsom salt paste to treat poison ivy.

Found at Green Daily “How to make a Natural First Aid Kit”


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