NEW classes offered by The Art Studios, Waterloo

I am excited to pass on the following classes from The Art Studios, 22 Regina Street N., Waterloo
Contact Helen at The Art Studios for more information. 519.747.2155 or

Glass Fusion
Sunday 6:00p.m.-7: 30p.m; January 4, 11, 18; Age: 10-adult, suitable for parent; child

Aims: This beginner class is designed to introduce students to safe glass handling, correct glass cutting and simple fusing methods. Your instructor will take the mystery out of glass art. Each class will work on a different project and gradually develop the students’ skill level. Use of safety glasses is required.
$30.00 per student, the fee includes $10.00 materials and supplies store credit, if desired, additional materials will be on hand available for sale. Your instructor will provide necessary tools and safety glasses.

Sun Catcher – ASGF0109-1 – January 4
Starting with cutting techniques, placement of pieces, color development and abstract design, the instructor will teach you basic principles of working with glass. You will learn the glass artist’s vocabulary, while your instructor will explain the process of fusing glass.

Seasonal Scene – ASGF0109-2 – January 11
Work from a photo or your imagination. This class covers more realistic picture making with glass fusion. Building on the skills learned during the first class, we will get a little more creative and try our best to imitate nature in this exciting medium.

Pendant and Earring Set ASGF0109-3 – January 18
Have you been admiring the beauty of glass jewelry? We walk you through the steps to creating a fabulous one of a kind set of striking jewelry.

Glass Picture Frame ASGF0109-4 – January 25
This is a last class in our January series, where you will be able to practice all that you have learnt this month. In this advanced class, while using cutting and placement techniques, tools and amazing glass effects, you will create a colorful picture frame entirely out of glass.

Drawing Class
Monday 6:00p.m.-7: 30p.m; January 7, 14, 21; 28; Age: 10-adult, suitable for parent; child

Aims: To introduce and develop the skills of a casual artist. To produce a sketch book of material to use as starting points for our next module with colour and aints. To introduce students to a new artists’ vocabulary. To learn traditional drawing skills that will support young artists throughout their art practice. $30.00 per student, the fee includes $10.00 materials and supplies store credit, if desired, additional materials will be on hand available for sale.

Eco Drawing  ASDS0109-1 -January 7
Don’t get stuck using just pencil and paper! You can use any materials for drawing. Old wallpaper, textured surfaces like cardboard, wood, plastic bags stuck into your sketch book. Build up your own surfaces from many different pieces and scraps and draw on top of that. Make it personal by drawing a memory with photocopied keepsakes. Your tutor will show you how collage and scrapbooking are cool ways to draw without making a

Traditional Drawing ASDS0109 – 2 – January 14
Wow! We are going to learn to draw like professional artists using the basic and best materials – good ol’ pencil and paper! We will work from real objects, and focus on light and shade, proportions and composition. You’ll learn some tried and tested methods used for literally centuries to get your drawings feeling real. You will use these techniques again and again!

Anime You! ASDS0109 – 3 – January 21
Create the coolest anime character based on the Japanese anime style of art, and discover a new culture at the same time. Using your fabulous self as inspiration, and characters from your favourite anime series for guidance you’ll see yourself like never before. Fancy a superpower? The sky’s the limit!
Tools: Pencils, heavyweight paper, sketch paper, black fine marker, eraser and colour.

Abstract Attack! – ASDS0109 – 4 – January 28
Students listen out for directions called out by tutor. Everyone works from the same set of instructions and each student comes up with a totally original work of art. Imagination, colour and texture play a big part in this class – it is a great companion to Eco Art. Young artists are encouraged to work totally independently and learn what an important part of creativity communication is. A lively discussion is generated from our students’ work.

Clay Sculpting
Tuesday 6:00p.m.-7: 30p.m; January 8, 15, 22 & 29, 2008; Age: 10-adult, suitable for parent & child

Aims: To introduce and develop the skills of a casual clay artist. To produce unique hand build decorative and every day use items. The hand building projects are selected with beginner artists in mind. This introductory course is a good starting point for our next module that will build on skills learned in this series. To introduce students to a new artists’ vocabulary. To learn traditional hand building techniques, gain knowledge and confidence in working with clay. $30.00 per student, the fee includes $10.00 materials and supplies store credit, if desired, additional materials will be on hand available for sale. Your instructor will provide necessary tools.

Pinch & Coil Pots – ASCS0109-1 -January 8
Used for thousands of year, perhaps the most understated, but most accessible technique will be taken to another level using your imagination and our special moulds. Learn about the properties of clay, its versatility and natural beauty. This is the perfect jumping off point for so many more projects.

Animal Sculpture – ASCS0109-2 – January 15
Make a permanent tribute to your favourite animal or pet in a 3D clay sculpture using texture and sectional techniques. Your instructor will walk you through this fun creative project, explain various hand building techniques and introduce you to the art of textures.

Slab Vase – ASCS0109-3 -January 22
This project will bring your artistic expression to new level. Using leather hard sheets of clay we will construct striking sculptural vases. Building on the skills acquired in the two previous classes, this project is going to amaze you.

Lotus T-Light Holders – ASCS0109-4 -January 29
Just in time for the Lunar New Year – a clever layered effect that becomes an impressive decoration. This stunning T-Light holder will become a wonderful conversation piece, bringing tranquility to your space.

My Grownup and Me – Sunday Afternoon Projects
January 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2008
Join us every Sunday afternoon in January, from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00p.m.for a fun project for you and your child. This is not a class, but our friendly staff will be on hand to help out with this project if needed. The cost: 10$ per project includes the studio time and the ceramic piece.
January 4 – Ol’ Macdonald – stencil based project featuring farm animals
January 11 – Ahoy There! – for all the shipmates a seaside/sailor themed project
January 18 – Animugs – painted to look like your favourite animal
January 25 – Under the Sea Fishy – use your own handprints on a plate to make your very own aquarium.


One response to “NEW classes offered by The Art Studios, Waterloo

  1. Hello. My name is Cathy Hamernik. I noticed that you hold classes, which teach abstract art. I just wanted to let you know that my daughters and I ages 5, 8 and 11 wrote and illustrated a picture book entitled WHAT DO YOU SEE? It is filled with abstract art and can be used to introduce abstract art to young children and teach differences in perspective. If you are interested in taking a peek, look on
    The girls and I just had our very first book signing at Barnes and noble in Dewitt, NY. It was a great experience and we sold 74 books. Thanks for your time.
    Cathy Hamernik

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