Local Art Classes …as a christmas gift

Are you ready…??!!

I searched all the corners of the internet, exhausted all my resources

and typed till my hands fell off….

To bring you

a list of


cool art classes offered locally

click link above or “local classes” across top

(these are not taught or offered by me… so sorry.

perhaps in the new year imadeit will have a space for their own lessons)


2 responses to “Local Art Classes …as a christmas gift

  1. Finally! I am so excited to hear that you are considering some local art classes! I’m from the Stratford area, and I’ve felt for a long time that there needs to be some local classes and opportunities for aspiring artists. I think your blog is great and I really appreciate everything you are doing to support the indie artist. Can’t wait to join your classes!

  2. oh dear. no im sorry… you might be confused. THE imadeit SHOP is not offering classes YET. Possibly come January, if we are able to secure a space. But this list is for all the other art studios in town. Some of them are just fabulous, and honestly well priced considering the length of time, the lesson and the educated teachers.

    Please just click on the bold writing (cool classes) or local classes across the top

    sorry for the confusion

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