Unique trees = so much love

These yarn wrapped trees are exactly what i was looking for to add colour to my house.
recycled miniature yarn tree in progress by paper•ballet.

Yarn wrapping technique :: Paper*Ballet

The general materials are listed on her flickr page (click on top photo) but basically its a cone shape from recycled papers such as junk mail, or toilet paper rolls. You can wrap with anything you have lying around the craft room.

This seems simple enough that i could give this to my daughter to work on by herself. This is a big thing lately. i would most likely get my arm chewed off if i try to slip in and fix something. Funny story though, because its all my fault. I was trying to teach her not to change or ‘fix’ other people projects (i found my doll with a big black smile across his somber face, because i didnt make him happy enough) … and now its coming back to get me, and my need to get my hands in and help ‘guide’ her.

Felted Trees Tutorial :: The Long Thread

I am overjoyed for these felted trees, but i personally dont wear or have wool sweaters. I love the colours though. (square tree from martha, if you dont have wool or friends with wool) Below is another paper tree tutorial


Magazine Trees Tutorial :: Not Martha

And a simple wooden tree…

(i couldnt decide where to list this one.. under sticks or trees.. such serious decisions to make)

Wooden Tree :: espritcabane.com

But for the more serious crafter …


Felt Holiday Tree Tutorial :: The Thompson Family

The unique beauty lies in the choice of fabrics and colours. Use monochromatic colour scheme for an elegant + sophisticated look. Or if your house is like mine, and the furniture, walls and accessories are already monochromatic  (all beige + brown) try for a mismatched random colour selection.


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