sparkling stars light up the night

Im obsessed with stars lately, perhaps for the desire to make a million wishes, or possibly just for their glittering sparkle appeal. If you feeling the same, here are a few tutorials to fulfill your wish-making dreams…

Paper Acordian Star :: Martha Stewart

To make:

  1. start by folding a square or rectangle of paper into accordion pleats (you may want to experiment with plain paper before working with fancier stock). The number of pleats determines the number of points on the ornament: For example, four pleats will equal eight points.
  2. Fold the accordion of paper in half to find the center; unfold, and staple once at the center. If your ornament is too long to be stapled, you can fashion a staple out of wire: Make two small holes in the center with an awl, insert the wire through the holes, and twist the back.
  3. Make a deep diagonal or slightly curved cut into each end of the folded paper (about halfway to the center); the sharp corners will form the points of the star.
  4. Fan the sides out so that they meet, and attach them on the back with small pieces of tape. Use Scotch Magic tape, which is easy to remove, so you can flatten and store the star until the next special occasion.

More flat paper star tutorials from Martha Stewart

another fabulous tutorial uses plastic bottles (especially good since apparently they are so difficult to recycle), creating different patterned stars taking advantage of the different designs on the bottom of the bottles.

star garland

Water Bottle Stars Tutorial :: Espritcabane


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