Recycled Cell Phones… finally

Our latest craft show was a fantastic gathering of a few old and many new artists from all over the KW area. Dispite all our differences in skills, hometown and products we all had a very strong similarity. Something everyone has, and no one can live without, or be separated from for more than a few minutes.

… our cell phones.

each time the music stopped melodic ringtones filled the air. Mine too. We all strive to create handmade by way of recycling everyday items, but carry this energy sucking little box in our pockets everywhere we go.

Now personally, its my weakness. The one exception i allow myself to have but … now there may be an alternative (if they decide canada and rogers is worthy)

Photo credit of Nokia Evolve ::

Nokia is at the front of the pack with their innovative and eco-consious new products. One of my favorites is the 3110 Evolve.

The perfect union of uncompromised design and eco-innovation.

design :: An understated case created from unpainted bio-sourced materials, reducing the amount of fossil fuels used during manufacture. The bio-cover is created from more than 50% renewable materials. The packaging is smaller too and uses 60% recycled materials.

entertainment :: It still has all the tools your currrent phone might have. No entertainment will be risked for the eco-friendly name — 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, MP3 player, integrated FM radio and external memory to store all your pictures and music.

innovation :: Introducing the new AC-8 charger, created to minimize ‘no-load’ energy consumption in case you forget to unplug it from the power socket.

Based on lifecycle studies, the Nokia 3110 Evolve has 15 to 20 percent lower energy consumption during its lifecycle than comparable products.

I really appreciate the ‘no-load’ feature which will stop sucking power if the phone is charged, or you just forget to unplug the charger from the wall. But when will all electronics come with this feature.

Take a look here to see what other electronics suck large amounts of power even when they are off.

I MUST ADD… im not showing you this to teach you to unplug these items when done. what i wanted to show was actual consumption… in hopes you will think twice about buying/using these items. (the action of powering down instead of leaving in standby mode damages the appliances, causing a need to replace them sooner –which is a higher environmental cost than just leaving them in standby)

Reduce need to recharge your phone so often…

  • adjust backlight, sav 15% of your battery life
  • change update interval for email (or set to manually), save 10-15%
  • switch off other applications when not in use, save 5-30%
  • switch off LAN when not in use, save 2-10%
  • switch off Bluetooth when not in use, save 2-10%gleFillSlot(“AboutMyPlanet_All_Top_Article_468x60”);

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Nokia has gone even further, creating a concept phone made of even more recycled materials such as aluminum can + plastic bottle caps to form the case and the keypad is made from old tires. the inside of the phone is apparently recylced too… but that concept is beyond my skills to explain. (environmentally friendly technologies such as printed electronics) This phone they call Remade has not been sent to production yet.


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