Glorious Scraps rule my world

Over the weekend my daughter and i went to the Family Sunday Workshops offered by the KWAG. we had a ton of fun and before we knew it 2 hours had passed. The one workshop was to make planets mimicking one of the artists work in the gallery.

DSCN3598 by THE imadeit SHOP.

I overheard many of the parents indicate they would be taking them home for their christmas tree, which is exactly what i was thinking before i even began.

DSCN3597 by THE imadeit SHOP.

mine is the one with circles (for some reason i am overly obsessed with them –circle everything!!) I inserted some quilting pins to hold the some shimmering circle beads. My daughter named it the “heart and soul planet”… she didn’t even have to think about it.

This morning i was checking my google reader…

and found this …

a fabric scrap ornament :: Red Thread found via Craftzine

I know they arent perfect matches, but crazy how some people can have such similar ideas. (i swear i have never read this woman’s blog before today) Red Thread offers a tutorial and a paper+fabric garland (click on the photo above) similar to the garland i loved from last month.

Crafting your own decorations allows you to customize your holiday look. We have decided to keep the house looking warm and cozy –and decorate in red tones. Red-orange-purple-pink-yellow… this also allows me to succumb to my recent attraction to all things pink, even though a very rough and manly man lives with us. his excuse for any pink decorations… “oh my wife did that!”

More scrap fabric ideas:

Knit-fit Wreath

… instead of using balls of yarn, what about making balls from fafbric scraps like this.

Tiny Robin Scrappy Decoration

… try creating faces, for each member in the family — or even funny little ones for friends.

Fabric wrapped wire letters

… they are actually wrapped with thread but why not use strips of fabric??

Fabric Brooch

Documents and Settingsalued customerDesktopmadebytrishlowerlower28.jpg... add a big jeweled button or vintage pendant in the center to glam it up. add a ribbon loop, and hang it on the tree
… to make this project easy for kids, just glue the fabric cutouts onto the cardstock. Eco-tip: Use homemade glue

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