Oh My Golly!

The crew who created this wonderful blogging site (wordpress.com) have made some changes. Lots of pretty new things over on this side of the site, but my favorite is the statistics i can see about the you, the readers….

last year around this time … i had an average of 68 readers per day.
Today … i have an average of 170 readers PER DAY!!!


who knew? i sit here thinking there are 4 or 5 people checking in, me writing silly gibberish most of the time  –just to get a post in and keep those few entertained… but WOW was i wrong.

THANKS to everyone checking in from time to time. It such a wonderful feeling… AND helps me totally forget the level of stress and anxiety i am feeling with the Holiday Sparkle Show tomorrow!


One response to “Oh My Golly!

  1. I’m one of the “few” being entertained. Great posts, I especially liked the one with the homemade Christmas decorations tutorial. Keep up the greatness!

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