Organize with thrifted treasures

For myself, i need to organize things (de-clutter) before i pull out more things … like holiday decorations. In addition, because i grew up with “sunday afternoon antiquing”, summer vacations searching for antiques of the area, ghost stories and historical tours, i have this strange passion for everything vintage. Thus my dedication to finding the perfect thrift store too. I love the eclectic look of miss matching vintage and new. and go figure that antique shopping is good for the environment, as its avoiding buying from big factory manufacturers…

On that note real quick… i wonder if its the handmade trend; shopping from independent manufacturers/artists that has lead to this decline in the economy? I know everyone else thinks its a bad thing, but i think its about time. the market for everything is priced way to high. it had to fall… and if handmade is the cause then we are finally getting the point across.

now.. back to organizing…

Here are a few ideas i love, but you may have to spend some time hunting for them in an antique store or garage sales. wow. i wish there were garage sales in the winter…

Mail Storage for the family ::

I have always loved these next two styles of shelving. I have searched around here, but anyone that has one must be holding on to it with all their might.

Vintage Shelving ::

Wire Basket Containers ::

i love everything about this next idea…. right down to the metal letters. If only i could find one for each member in our family… and convince the small one NOT to reorganize the shelf on a daily basis.

Safety Deposit Box Shelving ::

Mail Sorter ::

More simple little things…

turn a light fixture into a vase

vintage salt shakers to store bath salts

I am itching to go thrifting now…

That urge combined with a conversation i had at a recent show (our non-crafty friends dont seem to have the same ‘thrift’ passions as we do) i have come up with an idea. A super idea … that im almost too giddy to get out…

How many of you would like to take a Vintage Shopping Field Trip. We could hit all the awesome antique markets and thrift stores, from here to toronto. We can split the cost to rent or borrow as many trucks or vans as possible, cover gas… etc. oh mama. see… best idea ever. and im serious about this. and golly … then i could actually meet all of you too.

If your interested, if you OWN a truck or van, or if you know of an awesome spot we need to visit leave a comment on the new page i created “Vintage Shopping Field Trip” (see across the top). I will add a list of all the places we should go, and whatever details we figure out like time, date and costs.


One response to “Organize with thrifted treasures

  1. If I lived where you are I’d sign up! But we do have year round yard sales where I am. So if you ever want a winter thrifting vacation, this is the place. All this and Disneyland too! ;o)

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