make its a handmade holiday

The creative ladies over at Burda Style have taken the handmade pledge to the extreme, and offer a holiday gift list of things you can create yourself.

Burda List of Holiday Gift Ideas:

Lynne Shawl
Night Gown
Men’s Cardigan -coming December 1st
Bow Tie -coming December 8th
Hat and Mittens -coming December 15th
Daisy Bib
Tory Wall Organizer
Layla Oven Mitts
Layla Apron
Sabine Pillow
Charlie Bag
Carolina Toiletry Bag
Marcel Sleeping Mask
Allie Robe
Thai Fishermen Pants There is also a How To to help you out
Corinne Yoga Pants
Pete T-shirt
Osman Tie
Silk Flowers can be used to make a brooch or on hairpin or on a necklace etc
Ruffled Party Necklace
Fabric Scrap Quilt
Fancy Towels
Doggie Jacket

**all gift suggested by BurdaStyle have free patterns that you can print right from your home computer. Just register on the site to have access.

More Handmade ideas :: HGTV

Cool Clay Coasters
While these may not be quite so last minute, they are fine gifts to rival any you’d find in an art or home store. The technique is simple and the design is limitless–but the impact is guaranteed to be great.


Painted or Jeweled Glassware
What an easy way to turn a plain gift into thoughtful and unique works of art! The sky is the limit on these designs, and the materials are inexpensive and readily available.


Beaded Desk Accessories
This project is great for kids–but modify the designs a bit and you’ll have beautiful gifts for adults as well as children.

Take the handmade pledge too…

I Took The Handmade Pledge!


One response to “make its a handmade holiday

  1. Aw, cool! We’re doing a similar thing over at Crafting a Green World! All the writers are contributing to the Handmade Holidays series.

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