Fabric Design Contest

The second contest from the folks over at Spoonflower….

Vote for these designs at Spoonflower

Vote for these designs at Spoonflower

Fabric-of-the-Week Contest #2:
Here’s another chance to vote for a design you’d like to buy and at the same time to show some support for your fellow crafters.

Starting next Monday, you’ll have the chance to buy another  fabric design created by a  member of the talented Spoonflower community.

VOTE for your favorite design.

View the results so far here.

You can also review the rules and submit your own fabric design for the contest here.

MamaMade has created a guide to lead you through converting your drawings to computer graphics, and then preparing them for uploading to Spoonflower.

Spoonflower Fabric Development Series 1: Thinking About And Creating Your Design
Spoonflower Fabric Development Series 2: Computer Art Programs And What They Do
Spoonflower Fabric Development Series 3: Getting To Know Inkscape, A Vector Art Program
Spoonflower Fabric Development Series 4: Finishing Your Design And Creating The Perfect Tile


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