“Rethink what you have” vinyl letters and sticks

What a unique idea for any time of year. BHG has suggested cutting (or purchasing) vinyl letters to spell out a holiday wish. Since its vinyl you could stick them to anything really…. windows, mirrors and even a clear glass juice jug at your holiday party. (yes mom–i’m thinking of you)
Joy Plates

Vinyl Stick Letters on Solid Plates :: BHG.com

Since i don’t have plates to hang (we use all of them) …. i am going to attempt creating a stick masterpeice. I really should photograph the piles upon piles of branches that have fallen from our two giant trees… piles! right, i said that already. anyways, i am going to wrapping each joint (where sticks cross) with 20 gauge metal wire. I found some silver, uncoated rolls at the dollarstore once, but im sure a hardware store will have a huge selection. I figured the combination of metal and wood would make an interesting contrast, and very clearly defines my little family. hes shiny bling bling metal, and im the junk in the yard. ha.

living room with couch

Stick Wall Decor :: BHG.com

This is my task tonight, if the snow hasnt completly covered everything, and frozen them to the ground. You know, i havent even looked out in the back yard since “the snow”


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