recycled wrap + felted decorations

To go along with my personal challenge of having an entirely recycled Christmas i have found some tutorials to help package our gifts.

make your own gift boxes :: Scrapbooksetc

Click here to download a pdf of all the box patterns.

While all these patterns call for cardstock, why not try reusing a cereal or cracker box. carefully open all the sides along the glue lines, and trace their pattern. leave the painted box side out for colourful + quirky, or the plain side out, and decorate with patterned papers, paint, or drawings.

Another box idea is this tree shaped triangular box. BHG suggests making from a number of sheets of cardstock, but this would also be a perfect use for any large cardboard boxes you have lying around (large boxes offered at price choppers or food basics instead of bags)

Tree Shaped Gift Box ::

I’m loving these Cardboard Stockings, not just for stuffing but unique recycled decorations. Imagine a string of them across the kitchen windows… ooh so cute. Click here to download stocking patterns

Folk Art Inspired Stockings ::

Matching Folk Art Decorations ::

while most of the tutorials call for wool or felt, you can also create fond memories by using old clothing scraps. baby’s favorite dress with too many stains to wear, jeans that daddy cant fit into, or your favorite bleach splattered tshirt from childhood vacation.

Oh golly. now i want to make some of these tonight. how will i fit it all in…


2 responses to “recycled wrap + felted decorations

  1. thanks for popping by my blog! your site is great. i have been by a few times:)

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