Kids interested in acting??

The King Street Theatre is the place to start. Its young directors leading young actors to appeal to young audiences. Acting is a great way to help young learn to deal with feelings and emotions. By learning to express they are also learning to recognize their own feelings; harness the power, you know. There is a lot involved in the theater besides just reciting the words. memorization, following direction, working to help eachother, playing a role and being someone you are not…

I felt it would fuel the fire in my overly dramatic daughter, thus making my life more difficult. But as a creative person myself, i cant stand to blow out her little flame of passion. She is dramatic. All i can do is give her somewhere to express that passion… other than at the dinner table. Now all i need is for the KW Youth Theatre to start taking younger children under their wings.

If you know a dramatic soul between the ages of 13-19 then this will help…


Directed by Alan K. Sapp

Shakespeare’s magical last play. Prospero wants peace, Ariel wants freedom, Caliban wants revenge, Miranda a husband; the sailors want to sing and dance.

Auditions will be held on Nov 25 & Dec 2 (4pm-7pm) at King Street Theatre Centre, Kitchener. [Check out directions.] Please prepare one Shakespearean monologue of your choice. It should be no more than two minutes in length.  Casting based on audition performance. Ages 13-19.

To book audition or for more information, please visit


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