Christmas card swapping

Last year my daughter and i participated in this Christmas Card Swap from Kids Craft Weekly

… and we are doin it again. Over the past year her drawing and painting skills have improved dramatically, as with her ability to create something from her own imagination rather than me planting the ideas. For that reason i am posting some of the ideas i was going to show her… see if your wee ones, or even yourself are inspired to create your own cards this year.

That said.. im also striving for a fully recycled Christmas. My husband will be the most difficult to convince as he is reluctant to accept his amazing creativity for what it is.  He just calls himself “really smart” not creative. Like ‘creative’ is a bad word or something. I’m challenging my daughter to only use what she can find around the house, inside or out (think “free”) for her cards.

Ding-ding!! i challenge you too!

First suggestion, Make a wax resist watercolour. Using a white crayon (below) or coloured crayons like this mom (great blogger too!!) Either way the wax repels or resists the paints and offers a very easy and beautiful piece of work for young artists. (click on image for a tutorial)

Wax Resitst from

Wax Resist from

you need: wax crayon, watercolour paints (or dollarstore paint trays), and white paper.

You can start with a large sheet and have your tot draw/paint the entire sheet, or precut sheets to fit the face of your card. You will not want to paint right on the cards as the water warps the paper a bit. Once dry, glue your watercolour paintings onto card stock or pre-cut cards.  (The first year, because i had an unusual excess, we cut manilla file folders into long skinny card, using the fold in the folder as the fold of the card. Easy Peasy)

add 3D details by adding felt, feathers, wool or button details. Remember the heavier the item your using, the thicker the glue will need to be.


Feather Tree :: Hellos

Crafts from the Heart

Cutouts :: Crafts from the Heart

Make your own stamp-like print of your little ones art using a styrofoam meat tray, colourful paints, and bright papers. (click on the picture for a tutorial)

Zoe from Day life in

Etched Notecards :: Zoe from Day life in

Last year we received cards from Singapore and the UK which both included a photo of their hometown. Why not use your artistic skills and imagination to draw your town at Christmas.

Some of the cards also include a list of Christmas traditions such as:

  • bake chocolate mudpie cookies with grandma
  • go tree hunting with mom (usually takes days to find her perfect tree)
  • make or find a unique decoration each year, and give to each of our family + friends
  • go to grandma+grandpas’ and help them decorate their tree
  • go to christmas craft shows with mom
  • go treasure hunting and recycle trash into useful gifts
  • make our own wrapping paper and gift tags from recycled items

(yes that is my personal traditions list)

What are some things you do with your family?

… better yet …

what part of Christmas can you not live without??


2 responses to “Christmas card swapping

  1. The part of the holidays I love the most is giving of gifts and hospitality. We too did the Kids Craft Weekly card swap and had so much fun! I’ve posted our cards on our blog and will post a photo of the cards we receive once they all arrive. It’s all been so inspiring and we’ve been making many things to give this season, including ornaments.

    Thanks for inspiring us with all these great ideas!

  2. Did you receive one of our cards?! Your comment on our blog just blew me away! – I stumbled across your site while surfing around and saw you had participated to. — how neat! I look forward to seeing all the designs you received. I hope the other five of ours come soon. I don’t know who’s more excited to receive them, me or Booh!

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