adorn the house with PAPER!!

I love this paper flower/wreath because of the combination of colours and patterns through each loop, especially since my house is beige. (click on photo for tutorial)

Zakka Life

Paper Wreath :: Zakka Life

We usually use magazines for our crafting because this reason … so you would think we go through a lot, but no! I still see a growing pile of magazines under the coffee table. This lead me to search for more paper decorating crafts.

I was so exciting to find this Advent Town… and feel silly i never though of it before.

They give you a template for the houses, which you can make from cereal or cracker boxes, and then use scrap paper or paints to turn them into village shops. Since there are still some days left in November (and this looks like a big project) perhaps make one or two shops per night? We will most likely scale the house size down (so it fits A lollipop) and set this up as the centerpiece to our kitchen table, with these toilet paper sheppard’s roaming about…..

But i needed something a little more sophisticated.. and colourful. What luck1 A 5 point star, to hang in our front windows. In our house we are addicted to glitter (and do-dads) so you KNOW these will soon be covered with shiny globs of sparkles and buttons. Maybe even a few will make it to the Holiday Sparkle Show, in December.

This Recycled Life

Paper Stars (pdf) :: This Recycled Life

I love the way these paper garlands look just hanging in clusters like this; so clean against the white wall yet still so scattered. (ha. like my brain; pretty on the outside–holy mess on the inside)

Paper Chains :: Sophie Cuvelier

BUT of course i have my own twists… I’m going to sew (or glue) stars and circles from magazine pages onto thin wire instead of string? Then add some random twists, maybe some shiny beads…. and wrapping around a plain set of candlesticks (not the actual candle–holy unsafe) but if you have tall candle holders, or a glass jar/vase with a candle inside (much safer)


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