time for a winter wardrobe?!

I know its too beautiful outside to think about this today –17degrees in November… woah!! but my office is still chilly. And because im sure the freezing cold chill will sneak up on us all in no time. Actually, I have been in need of some sweaters for some time, but since i like them long in the arms and body and  slim fitting too i have struggled through many many failed thrift shopping trips. So i decided to make some myself. i mean, why not. (and its been a while since i offered a tutorial too) Once again this isn’t from my own head, although i am planning on reusing an old oversized sweatshirt as the fabric….

If you join the BurdaStyle website you will have access to free patterns you can print right from your home computer. You are required to then peice together the pages, but i think they are numbered or lettered (its been a while since i used their site)

Here are some of my favorites.

(after you have signed up for their site, click on the links below, choose either print at home or instructions to get started)

(Hooded Pullover Amy 6028 or Zipup Cardigan Amin 6029)


Plain Shrug Sarah or Shrug w/Collar Ester

400x555 400x555

… but then i found more …

Wide Sleeve Blouse Emily and Vest Dress Laura

250x225 400x555

and lastly… if i had a prom to go to (if i had been this smart back then) I would wear this…

Heidi Prom Dress


…. Maybe the next Reclaimed Craft Show will be a PROM theme. OOooh i have a collection of ‘beautiful’ ideas a spinning in my head..


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