Last Min Halloweeeeeen

Hapeeeee Halloweeeeeen

(emphasis on eeeee’s for eeeerie effect)

Today might be too late to buy any Halloween related decorations, or even costumes. I know. I tried to shop lastnight. You see we decided last min to definitely dress up with my daughter.. long story short, we went to Value Village and it was a disaster. Thank goodness i can sew. the only costumes left were gory-horror masks, and bits and peices of ruined vampire costumes…. which was not what i was looking for.

so. it comes down to what can you make yourself…

loopyboopy :: Creepy and Whimsical Art Dolls

after some research i found an interview where she offers some excellent advice to new artists.

Believe in yourself and your work. Art comes from inside and as long as you have the basic skills for your medium, true art will emerge. Keep creating and create what is true to you, never stop or be discouraged by what others say

Oh shes so right. If you create for yourself your passion will shine through. And the more of ‘you’ that goes into your work, the more original it becomes …. and there’s nothing wrong with that.

phew. sappy moment done… now onto more…

even though those two are sculpture, it would make a really great costume. Probably not hard to do either  if you purchase whatever white fabric you can find in the walmart $1.97 bin (which they are going to discontinue soon! nooooo) cut into 8″ wide by at least 3 yards long and start wrapping. use safety pins to secure ends and please… invest in some nude coloured underware.

Hersheys has a mummy making tutorial. (i know…hersheys??)

more costume ideas…

Crimson Spark :: Fire Elemental hand sculpted leather mask

to go with…. a sexy red devil maternity dress?

Click Image to Close

buy or find a red dress… and get out the scissors. for shoes? if you arent blessed with a giant closet filled with shoes of every colour find ones you dont nessisarily wear (or thrift a pair) and add a coat of paint. I used the new Krylon Paint for plastics. It cracked a bit, but it was also after walking through the snow. Any flexible acrylic paint should work. and you may need to scuff them with sandpaper first, depending on the material of the shoe

im loving this robot too…

customer submitted costume from

customer submitted costume from

or the official Wall-E costume

but stay away from this one….

Lets move on to some “oh so adorable” accessories…

imadeyouabeard :: grey felt beard

Grey Felt Beard

angelacatirina :: pretty princess crown (pattern only)

Thats all i got. Everything else is common.. overdone.

Be unique and throw a little “you” into the costume this year.


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  1. You Have A Great Blog Keep Up The Good Work ..Cheers 🙂

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