helpful marketing… to make your business shine

We are getting closer to the season where crafting seems to dominate. Christmas. Okay i know we haven’t actually had Halloween yet… but its time to talk about beefing up your business, and making sure everyone around you knows who you are. Rather than tattooing “sally’s sweet embroidery” on your forehead i have noted some important things to help you grow…

photo credit: where they offer free vector graphics for promotional materials.. woo! for free

Use every outgoing piece of paper, and electronic document as business promotion.

Everyone should have business cards, even if you hand wrote them your self.  But that’s only part of the big picture…

  • Make sure to always include your phone +  URL + email (or way to contact you)
  • Add information to mailing envelopes and any letterhead.
  • include all this information in your email signature

The same goes for faxes, receipts; whatever paper you send out should carry your full company message.

This ‘tagline’ idea stumped me for a long time… you want it to be short and quick but also tells everyone what you do, who you are, and why. make it catchy. memorable and short. have i said that yet… short! one sentence, approx 5-8 word.

some examples:

imadeit shop • Creating a community of strong independent artists

überboblz • unique glass fusion

Tanya Kirouac • paint. wax. wood.

A tagline helps define your business, and make it stand out. Personally i changed my tagline about a million times, each time making it shorter and clearer. Honestly the less words the better. Short and Sweet.

photo credit:

Use buddy marketing to promote your business.

Have a friend include your business card in their leaflet/brochure. Ask your friendly store owners if you can display your marketing, and make sure you do the same for them. ask if you can advertise your business on small business newsletters or your church monthly flyer. Word of mouth is key advertising for crafters as its a direct testimonial. You always listen to your friends right??

Create a verbal calling card

Imagine you bump into someone in line at the bank, and they comment on what a great bag you have… of which you happened to make yourself. You need a short and quick way to tell this person what you do, and convince them to read your site… and still sound sincere — not like a sales person looking for the big bucks. oooh and this would be an excellent opportunity to hand her your actual business card.. and perhaps a free sample.

lastly, carry your promotional materials everywhere you go.

Once you have created your business cards, brochures or free samples, make sure you are never caught empty handed. Everyone is a potential shopper or knows someone else that would buy your works. Making a good impression on this person could bring new dedicated customers to you.

photo credit:

Other things to think about:

  • learn to use publisher or a drawing program to create your own unique look instead of using pre-formatted templates
  • choose a logo that is unique to your work. just like the tag line this should demonstrate or suggest what your business does. (look here for some free logo ideas)
  • carry your ‘brand’ image all the way through your marketing materials (online, business cards, promo materials, tags, newsletters, brochures, emails, invoices)

3 responses to “helpful marketing… to make your business shine

  1. Should the photo credits read rather drycons? I couldn’t find anything online for drycons, but there is a site for dryicons.

  2. Our community of designers put together a nice guide – 10 Logo Design Tips for Buyers, that would be a very useful read to supplement some of the great information available in this article. It’s available at the following link:


    Ross Kimbarovsky

  3. i love your aspects that you shared.

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