making the house spooky

Last night we painted some branches black, dressed them with webs and spiders, and made the kitchen table rather spooky… but its not quite enough, one table in one room.

i was searching childrens illustration books for inspiration on my Halloween house decorations, and found some books that would make for great reads for a Halloween party, or maybe even at the fair. Oh i wish i gave myself more time… to put on a play based on this little tale…

Cinderella Skeleton from Google Books or Amazon

Cinderella Skeleton
was everything a ghoul should be:
Her build was long and lean and lank;
Her dankish hair hung down in hanks;
Her nails were yellow; her teeth were green —
The ghastliest haut you’ve ever seen.
Foulest in the land was she.

The wispy torn curtains seems to be a standard in decrepit houses. i have yards of black fabric that i will never use (thick black polyester. ick) we will shred the fabric leaving 1/4 in tack at the top, then find a way to nail or staple the fabric over the front window of the house. If i can find a way to take the screen door off (and not loose heat) i will attach a shorter peice over the front door too.

the winding, twisted overgrown vines are a little harder. thankfully i let the weeds takeover the garden this year, and i dont have to do much to make it look unattended.

we bought a bag of spiderwebs from Dollarama lastnight. they had small webs, one big web… and glow in the dark webs. what fun! i think i might even wrap myself in a bit of webs (going as the grandma witch)

im not sure if thats a line of pumpkins in the skeleton house, or if they are the creatures attending the wedding. either way, so many good ideas for jack-o-lantern faces

We are also adding creepy worn looking signs (using cardboard from cereal boxes) to the garden warning “BEWARE: man eating plants” and scattering christmas lights on the garden floor, to shine some light in the dreary space. We dont want all our hard work to be lost in the dark.

(i will post our pictures as soon as i convince my husband to lend a hand)

Another good book for halloween tales is…. Favorite Scary Stories of American Children (google preview)


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