…and her heart grew three sizes that day…

I found a listing on Kijiji.ca from a family looking for christmas decorations.

hi we just move in to our own place with are son who is 2 in a half and we do not have know christmas stuff at all to  put up for our son. we need a christmas tree and stuff to put on it so please help us out thank you.

of course i tossed all mine into a bag for goodwill last year, but then i wondered about all the crafty people i know. I was searching for a way to help others in need, whether its something serious or something small. This family isnt an actual charity, but shouldnt it just be about people helping people.
What if i said by december 1st i would like to deliver a box of decorations, and a tree to this family?
What if i asked YOU to donate one dollar (to buy a tree) and one decoration –either handmade or from your own collection??
what if i said i would also post your donations for all to see?
….. please post a comment to let me know your interested, and i will send you the details.
UPDATE: she is hoping for both tree and wall decorations around a snowman theme. Her son is 3yrs old and just loves them.

3 responses to “…and her heart grew three sizes that day…

  1. Where can I send an ornament?

  2. I would like to donate a dollar for the tree and an ornament 🙂

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