make something from your doodles

During my early morning email reading i came across a collection of wonderful illustrators and, while jelous of their simplicity and beauty, i wanted to share a few of their goods.

Yasmine over at print a day offers free weekly downloads, all of them creatively cute and totally useful like notecards, tags and these calendar pages…

Carnivorous Plants Calendar – by print a day

[photo credit: printaday]

but thats not all …

i found print a day via PhatSheep. She has taken her adorable fairytale illustrations and created her own bolts of fabric using spoonflower, a new site that will transfer your drawings onto washable cotton fabric.

Fairytale Birds, Tree Buds and Summer Flowers – from PhatSheep

shop for other creations by PhatSheep on her UK website.

of course i had to keep searching to see what other illustrators are creating with their designs

Stephanie Fizer has abandoned the corporate job to focus on her own crafty business (read her thoughts on that here) and i think shes doing fabulously. She has many different pieces to choose from like notecards, stickers, calendar and wall prints, all with the same cute and simple feel. While she sells through etsy and ebay she also has work in numberous shops,

Animal Alphabet Prints – from Stephanie Fizer

I also love the simplicity in these painted tiles from Madison Craft Studio. They look like ity-bity canvas.

Pendants – from Madison Craft Studio

With a mix of gesso, anything can be painted upon. And there are fabulous archival pens that dont bleed, fade or wash off. Try Pigma Micron, Identi-Pens or even Sharpie

You could also try turning your illustrations into a stamp

‘Mascara’ stamp– from sugarskull7

So dont hesitate to doodle. great things will soon come of your sketchy bits. and of course someone did  a study of what our doodles mean…

Abstract shapes signify freethinkers unlimited by boundaries. Boxes within boxes could mean feeling trapped or overwhelmed, while linked boxes point to linked ideas and a desire to construct.

Flowers, the study said, are the work of creative or self-absorbed people. Spirals drawn outward show the desire to move on; toward the inside, a desire to focus.

[from Seattle Times]

OKAY!!  i have decided to put out a wee challenge every so often, for everyone to try… adults and kids.

Todays challenge:

…draw something in your own way…

  • email a picture of what you saw…
  • and what you doodled from it
  • include any contact info if you want me to link back to you

Send To: imadeit[dot]shop[at]gmail[dot]com

My Doodle:

i used this picture from A Stitch In Dye

and doodled it…

(oie now flickr is giving me issues uploading my own pic…. grr will be up soon i hope)


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