Leafy Etsy Treasure Hunt

Like usual, while searching Google for pictures of autumn leaves for my Halloween centerpiece, i came across some wonderful art. (i think my computer just knows that’s what i really want to see, no matter what i type in)

like this BEAUtiful Fall Tree from Jessica Doyle.

Now Jessica is not just a super talented illustator. Her poetry is stunning. leaves me a little breathless, but calm…. i really dont have the words to describe the feeling. they just dont match her words at all. infact i think im speechless because her words are just so perfect…. okay enough blabber from me, you should just read it yourself.

The Four Seasons stemless wine glasses


i also fell in love with these hand painted ‘autumn’ glasses and plates from Mary Wibis. She has a huge selection of other stunning housewares to choose from. i love the simplicity in her artwork… and i want the spring summer + winter sets too!!

of course i fell in love over and over many other times too …. (click on the pic to go to the artists site)

Autumn Leaves - Wire Woven Gemstone PendantWire Wrapped Twig Earrings on Sterling Silver

from My Belle Bijoux

delicious GREEN APPLE leaf printed one piece long sleeved -- size newborn, 3, 6, 9 12 or 18 months

from sweet3leafprints
Sight of Blue Sky - ECO-friendly Glass Photo Necklace
from FaniSong

Pumpkin Patch Necklace

from For The Cross Jewelry

Brown and Green Leaves Headband

from Get Felt Up

AUTUMN LEAVES Tiara by SarJil vintage leaves

from Talula Belles

As the Wind Blows - ACEO Original Art by Crixie

from My Busy Fingers (i can almost feel the cold chill of the wind)

Whimsical Copper Tree on Turquoise necklace

from Starsb117


2 responses to “Leafy Etsy Treasure Hunt

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words about my art and poetry. Nice to meet you šŸ™‚

  2. wow,what a great selection of fall creations,thanks for showing my Whimsical Tree,I bookmarked your site so I can visit more often,really cool,lots of good info!!

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