Halloween is almost here…

… only two weekends left…

yet i dont feel the goulish spirits in the air.

Gradually participation in this holiday is becoming less and less in our area. Last year was almost unbearable, i think there were a total of 10 houses open to the trick-or-treating kiddies. When i was young it took me hours to walk down our street which was a total of 4 blocks…. and that was enough for me to call it a night. Last year we packed up the wee one, and drove her to a different neighbourhood to get her ‘knock-knock’ satisfaction.

Why is Halloween so unpopular?

What on earth happened to the spirit of it all… the fun and festivity?

So my request to you.. make this one count. Its a holiday of creativity and imagination. Its bringing magic to life. Its a safe time to express those inner urges to be someone else; someone you always wished you could be… like a superhero, or a flying fairy. Its a chance to create a family tradition, and bond with your children, as this is a holiday for all ages.

It doesnt always have to be gruesome either. A few years ago we made our house into the gingerbread house, with giant candycane + lollipops lining the sidewalk… and of course the witch at the door.

Mind you this year, just for us, we are haunting the place inside and out!!

We will alter this pumpkin centerpiece from Recipie Tips since my garden seems to be lacking the pretty yellow blooms they have, AND to increase the ‘creepy haunted house look.  i am going to use more of the dried vines like they have, a few coloured leaves, and some red sedum

Pumpkin & Fresh Flower Candle Holder

1. Trace the bottom of a 4 to 6-inch pillar candle onto the top of a pumpkin.

2. With a sharp knife, cut along the traced line. While cutting, hold the knife at an angle, this will create a cone shape.

3. Discard the cut portion. The candle should fit securely into the cut portion of the pumpkin. Adjust the size of the opening as needed. If the cut portion is too large to securely hold the candle, place a can inside of the pumpkin and place the candle on top of the can. This will create stability for the candle.

4. Arrange flowers around the candle.

hang this witches curtain, which Martha Stewart created simply from garbage bags. (cut in strips, the gently pull strips to deform each strand… “for a decrepit effect”) i have a mass of black polyester fabric that is just not cool enough to actually make clothing out of… and a really small doorway.

then… paste these or scarier vinyl letters on the front door…


add some creepy crawly bugs (papermache + wire…Tutorial on THURS)

a sketeton image painted on the mirror in the front hall… which i will hang for trick or treaters to see


make a droopy weeping wreath and spray it with a coat of black satin paint,

and toss in some cheap thrifted candlesticks, and paint them black too

finally, we need something to spook up the yard. On the lawn will have…

a ghostly seance (tutorial THURS)


2 responses to “Halloween is almost here…

  1. I really love your suggestions!!

    I, too, have noticed the difference in Halloween from when I was a child to now. I don’t live in the same state I grew up in. Here the holiday has a bad rap as being the Devils Day, which is so untrue its not funny. So alot of people here do not trick or treat but they go to church for Fall Festivals. Our malls also have trick or treating, but I tell you we did that once and I vowed never again. We do have two big neighborhoods where all the homes really get into it and literally all the Halloween-lovers hit it and have a blast.

  2. oh that’s such a shame about the ‘image’ of devils day… i hope it just takes one person to kick things back into gear in our area. actually i think i am going to send invitations to all my daughters classmates, inviting them to trick or treat at our haunted scary house…. and try to get a little healthy competition going.

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