make it yourself …wedding

Its relatively easy to make this Beaded Bridal Headband from Better Homes and Gardens.
Make sure you purchase the correct gauge of wire as too thick is hard to maneuver, and too thin the ‘branches’ wont stay where you put them.
What You Need:
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • 60–9 x 6 mm faceted oval crystal beads
  • 120–5 mm bicone crystal beads
  • 5 yards of 6-inch-wide tulle; pins; hair comb
  • 26-gauge silver wire
  • 26-gauge white wire

1. Cut the 26-gauge silver wire into fifty 12-inch lengths.

2. Place a faceted oval bead in the center of one 12-inch wire. Fold the wire down on each side. Twist bead to join the two pieces of wire together. Spread the two wires apart. Make 12 wires beaded in this manner.

3. Place a bicone bead on one wire end. Pull the wires down around the sides of the bead and lay it at the bottom of the first twist. Twist the bead away from you; tightly twist about 1/2 inch. The twist should meet the twist from the first bead. Repeat on the right side.

4. Place the two end pieces of wire together to form a V. Twist the beads to form a tight twist to the end of the wire. Repeat for all clusters.

5. Cut a 24-inch-long piece of silver wire and do the same three-bead formation. Use this wire to start the wreath. Twist the 12-inch length of wire (use needle-nose pliers to fold and twist the length) and twist a cluster of beads on the right, 1/2 inch down from the first cluster. Wrap the 24-inch wire around the 12-inch wire. Form a third cluster under the second cluster to the left.

6. When the 12-inch wire has 2 inches left, make another cluster of three beads on another 24-inch wire. Before you twist the two wires together, hook the 12-inch wire on a single cluster of beads on the wreath. Wrap it around wire on the wreath.

7. Continue until the desired length is achieved, approximately 11 or 12 inches.

8. Fold a 48-inch piece of wire in half. Place the fold around a cluster. Add clusters (one to the right, one to the left) until the wire is full.

9. Place the ring on head, overlapping both ends to decide length, and twist the ends tightly over each other. Attach a veil.

Take a closer look at the twisted metal in Crafty Ginger‘s tutorial for matching earrings. (a perfect little gift for the bridesmaids)

Not into making it yourself…. Try an eco-floral hairband from Anna Clifton

Make your own aisle runner following tutorials from both Mrs.Cookie if you are using a thick fabric or Mrs.Pineapple if you use a transparent fabric, both from Wedding Bee

Now this isnt a tutorial, and in fact i have no idea how they were able to make these but i just had to post thes eco-chic wooden wedding rings. using wood instead of precious metals, which take tons of energy and waste to extract… brilliant. Including the fact that most of their wood is from salvaged reused lumber.

Bog wood + turquoise from Simply Wood Rings

my favorite, walnut + maple ring  a salvaged vintage diamond

(its eco-friendly still because the diamond is being reused, as opposed to mining for a new one, and hey something old??!) also from Simply Wood Rings


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