Pretty + Eco-friendly Table Flowers

Napkin Flowers fromParents

Napkin Flowers

Turn silverware into a pretty pink bouquet by wrapping forks and knives in organic burp cloths.
What You’ll Need

* napkin or burp cloth
* silverware
* rubber band
* scissors
* green ribbon
* hot glue
Make It

Fold napkin lengthwise to 4 inches wide. (This may take more than one fold.) Stack silverware at one end of the napkin with the base of the fork, knife, spoon nearly touching the bottom fold. Roll tightly to the other end. Fasten a rubber band around the base of the flower (where handle meets top of silverware). Tug and fluff out the folds in the napkin to create petals. Wrap ribbon around the rubber band twice and secure with hot glue. Wrap the same type of ribbon around the handle of the silverware; secure with a dab of hot glue at the bottom. Tie a short piece of the ribbon around the “stem” to make leaves. Arrange in a bowl or vase.


One response to “Pretty + Eco-friendly Table Flowers

  1. Wow..These flowers look wonderful It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.

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