Eco-friendly interiors

I re-arranged the house this past weekend, and in doing so i realized we have a lot of recycled peices, from thrifted furniture to things we made ourselves. Not only did this save us a chunk of money but its also a relief to know i am making an effort to “reduce – reuse – recycle”

To make a bigger impact, in a way that people can actually see i decided to search for interior decorating ideas that clearly state “i care for the environment”

I came across this beautiful recycled glass countertop from Green Building Supplies. Why have i never thought of using glass bits i my mosaics? stunning and unique!

ELT Living has designed what they call living walls

find more green products for you and you home at Green Home or take this quiz to see just how ‘green’ your living now.


One response to “Eco-friendly interiors

  1. ah so refreshing! I can’t stand furniture pieces that just scream, I emit harmful pollutants into the air! At they have an entire section dedicated to eco-friendly pieces. I love it. Plus the websites always having sales (ones coming up I think?) so I can vie for the fact that they have the best prices on the internet.

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