done, and onto the next

im so glad HYPE turned out so well… hot sunny day, great music, constant crowds and new friends. Im also really glad all the kafuffle is over. I need to get back to crafting before my mind explodes with all the ideas i have developed.

i have a new camera and a set family schedule with specific dates for crafting. (every wednesday) which first means eventually i hope to have a new craft to share each thursday –with photos!!

i need a more scheduled life, so i might even extend that and say monday are for inspiration, tuesdays new artists, wed tutorials, thursday for more inspiration, and fridays for… uhm. hum.

what else would YOU like to see in here?


in packaging:

busy bee by birds & trees.

gocco printed paper envelopes to neatly hold jewelry from Birds&Trees

packaging by Liquid Paper.

from liquid paper

ready to go by lilfishstudios.

packaging up the little swimmer by lilfishstudios.

postcard brooch cards from lilfish studios

Appointment Cards - Packaging by mel829.

card packaging by Melissahead Designs

Gift packaging for my young girls jewelry by giggling.goldfish.

kids jewelry packaging… fun. by Giggling Goldfish

Scrabble Tile Jewelry 485 by giggling.goldfish.

i love that the storage tin matches the necklace (scrabble tile) also from Giggling Goldfish. She makes adorable things, and would be an artists for the new artists section BUT i really am trying to focus on kitchener ON and area (she is from Boc Ratan!!)

My plush packaging by junkerjane.

025 by junkerjane.

individual packaging for unique dolls by Junker Jane (love that name too!!)

New Artists…

One Sweet Baby from Keswick ontario this mom makes beautiful mixed pattern baby clothing for adorable lil girls

amazing jewelry from vintage bits by Kaskaad aka Beajoux in Toronto ON


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