Back to School Crafts

I really like working with salt dough as its something we always have around the house, , and i can totally remember the ingredients with ease. By random chance i happened upon a woman who’s salt dough skills blew me away.

I pretty much took her directions word for word (below) because look how beautiful her dough creations are. She IS a master and i will gladly follow anything she says. But this makes perfect sense after i came across some of the other items she has created


What you’ll need:

2 mugs of flour
1 mug of salt
approx 12 fl oz lukewarm water

How to make it:

You mix the ingredients together adding just enough of the water to make a supple but not too sticky dough. Don’t make it too dry or it will crack, but on the other hand too sticky is hard to work with. add a tiny sprinkle of flour if it gets too sticky

Then you knead the mixture for 10 minutes (this is the part i used to skip but i realized looking at her dough and mine… the needing really combines the ingredients, making a really really smooth like clay substance. mine was really crumbly and grainy)

once you have the dough made the process is very similar to actually working with clay. to attach two pieces you need to create a ‘slip’ which is basically a watery form of the dough.

Then the whole lot goes into the oven at 150 degrees (Celsius) for a few hours until it makes a ringing sound like pottery when tapped. When it’s cool you can paint it (preferably with acrylic paint) and with a couple of coats of varnish it can last for many, many years.

taken from Bird Ahoy.

Another idea for salt dough can be found at Back-to-School crafts at Kaboose… following the same method to create the dough you can create salt dough buddy pens of your very very own.

reeeaally small picture, but i couldnt find anything better

Starting about an inch or so above the pen’s point, roll the pen in a couple layers of plastic wrap.  Poke the point of the pen into some modeling clay up to where the plastic wrap begins. This will be used as a base for standing your pen up later.

Roll a handful of dough in your hands until it’s pliable and wrap around the pen where its covered in plastic. Mold the salt dough around the pen into a carrot shape – the top part of the pen should be the widest. Note: Rolling both the pen and dough on a sheet of waxed paper is helpful to make this shape.

Lay your character on the waxed paper to add details.

  • Use smaller pieces of salt dough to create the eyes, nose and mouth for your character.
  • Use a toothpick to draw on details such as eyelashes, eyebrows, freckles… whatever
  • We found that adding other non-dough accessories (buttons, sequins, ribbon) don’t stick well. its better to glue them onto your character after he’s dry.

    Leave your character on the wax paper to dry but you may want to find a secure way to stand him up. Leaving him (or her) laying down can cause the back to have a “flat spot”.  Also, leave the pen inside as the dough will shrink slightly when drying. and … it’s best to let these sit for a night or two, depending on how thick the characters are.
    Once dry, paint details with acrylic craft paint.
    Spray surface with two coats of acrylic sealer spray, allowing them to dry between coats.

    Other Salt Dough activities…

    big decorative beads by rolling pieces of dough into balls. Place a toothpick through the center and bake (with toothpick) Remove it after the beads are done with a few gentle twists.

    barbie tea set


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