get a real job …relating to arts

To me crafting has yet to become a real job. i love it. im addicted to doing it… but in this city its hard to make a living from it and thus gaining the ‘real job’ title. A friend passed this real job listing onto me… for me to apply im sure. but … i like to share things so im passing the option onto to you as well. He who best suits the job will get the job… and i can accept that.

Love this recycled kitchen pot guy.

Job Posting: Waterloo Regional Arts Council seeks co-ordinator / facilitator

The Waterloo Regional Arts Council is seeking the services of a co-ordinator / facilitator to provide communication, convening and development support for a number of concurrent initiatives that will accelerate cultural development in Waterloo Region.

Responsibilities include:
community consultation and other support services
coordinate and facilitate arts, culture and heritage representation/involvement with the Prosperity Council Forum on the Arts
develop community connections, partnerships and connect design plans with general goals and aspirations
communication with art makers, supporters and community at large
relationship mapping, scoping and exploration work
develop relevant parterships, explore funding and revenue generating opportunities

The Co-ordinator / Facilitator will be a creative leader with expertise in:
Cultural strategic planning and community arts development
Managing the creative process, including possible controversy
facilitation of meetings, creative circles and collaborative events
Project management and event planning
Leading meetings and driving an agenda.

And has…
Outstanding communication skills and the ability to nurture relationships.
Ability to work in, and respond to, a dynamic, ever-changing environment.
Project and organizational management experience, with the ability to co-coordinate multiple projects.
Experience working with multiple partners or members on a collaborative project, including members of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and government at the municipal and regional levels.
A mature understanding of and demonstrated interest in arts and culture

Terms of the relationship:

Remuneration: $30,000. The work will be carried out over 8 months and can be begun immediately.

To apply, send your résumé and a covering letter indicating the reasons for your interest in this position and your key qualifications to:

Creative Intersections Hiring Committee
c/o Waterloo Regional Arts Council
P.O. Box 1122 Kitchener N2G 4G1
or by email to

The position will posted until a suitable candidate is found.

for further information, contact Martin de Groot, executive director
519 742 7047

and this particular call out is even better… i have always wondered how to hang my art at city hall, and here is the answer (thanks donna)

11. Call for artists: Available Space Art Project, Kitchener-Waterloo

If you are interested and have work available to hang downtown Kitchener, please send an email to with the following information:

size and number of works
framed or unframed
signed or unsigned (I would like to establish a new standard of signed only works; this is per request of the business owners, which I agree with.)

I would also like to make a request for volunteers. If you are interested in spending an hour with ASAP assisting me in October, please leave your telephone number and a note saying you’d like to volunteer.

I have one last request: If you are interested in earning some money doing some window painting in the fall, please also indicate in your reply that you would like to know more. I will send out info related to that project to interested parties only.

Once your work is delivered and hung, I will send out an email detailing your pieces location and the expected duration of exhibition.

Murray Dekeyser
ASAP Coordinator

best of LUCK!!


One response to “get a real job …relating to arts

  1. Hello Meg,

    I’ve been reviewing your site/s. Not 15 mins before I was telling someone how much I need to have play and creativity in my life. I don’t make any time for that presently and I was constantly making something out of junk as a child. I made a piggy bank out of a shoe box once and no it wasn’t just a slit cut in the lid. I am very interested in what you are doing, but I am not well connected in any community or anything like that.

    Anywho the reason I’m trying to contact you is because I am looking to lease your former place above Voila on King and wanted your opinion of the place as the person showing it to me seemed to know nothing and also seemed shy to talk about the owner/s.

    I would greatly appreciate your opinion as the place requires a lot of work and is $1500 a month in rent.

    Thank you

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