found in my archives

i used to be awfully organized, or maybe just too excited about the project and the visions it created in my head… to actually NOTE where the lessons/ideas came from. so i feel horrible that i cant find this woman again, especially since she had plans to make an even bigger project. please if you know her site… let me know. otherwise here is the wonderful but anonymous tutorial for a doll quilt from selvages (the printed ends of cotton fabrics, usually quilting sheets) ….I DID IT… i found the creator of this little lady and her quilt!! see Vintage Ric-Rac for more of her wonderful creations (really worth the peek)

Step 1. Cut the selvedged edge off your fabrics leaving 1/4 inch of fabric (this becomes your seam allowance.) Then with right sides together sew two pieces together and press open, showing selvedge.

Step 2. If you have nice thick selvedge you may be able to join one pair to another pair – giving you four (or more) joined togetherwithout losing all the details.

Step 3. When you have pieced a few strips together you can begin to foundation piece them. I cut (ripped) a piece of very light cotton to the size I wanted and then simply began sewing the strips on. Sew as close to the very edge as you can but remember that this is the selvedge so it is not going to fray.

Step 4. Continue on adding your little pairs of selvedge strips ( or bigger ones) until you have the size you require. I used my walking foot for this part.

Step 5. When you have pieced all your strips , turn over your work and trim the edges, squaring up if you need to.

Step 6. I used cotton batting in this little quilt and I quilted it very simply by running some lines of stitching across the quilt in a “stitch-in-the-ditch style. My finished quilt is almost fat quarter sixe measuring approx 18 x 20 inches. Then of couse a bit of binding and your done !!!


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