Craft Table Displays

Since our biggest show is coming up fast (HYPE on KING, Sept 6+7) i thought this post could help out the artists prepare for the show. i found some table setups, but … not all of them are local, or even canadian. we are looking at examples here.. not just the product (although i love all of that too)

love the look of reusing a piece of household furniture. makes your setup unique.. and comfortable. but be sure it suits your style, and its as unique and fun as what you are offering. a plain stack a shelf unit (yes i tried that myself) is NOT exciting.

another artists using a smaller shelf … with cubbies. cute! Prop things up for people to see from a distance. Pretend you are setting up one of those huge toronto window displays, where people have to look from the other side of the glass. much more appealing than stacks

same lady. different show.

since her style is using recycled vintage fabrics its only fitting she use vintage display items. and a full table does look most appealing (as long as its organized) all dolls together. all bibs together. not scattered about.

organize like items into baskets. labels are super great to attract attention too.

organized in baskets, on different levels…

trays to organize items, layer on table to add something colourful… and those manaquin heads!! i love them way too much.

i have no idea where she found them but they are so unique. find something to draw people to your table, besides your wonderful adorable creations 🙂

layers on the table work well for jewelry and accessories.

hanging items on a fabric covered styrofoam board.

accessories on a folding slatted door. very organized all within the frame of the door. it allows you to use both doors, PLUS you can hide your packing bins or whatnot behind it.

to find  otherdisplay elements … look to nature. large branches, logs, rocks…

this could make a really cool display too, if you can find a way to secure at the ends. both the line and the clips seem to be metal, so no stretching or sagging. woo!

what fun!!

Whatever you choose for display peices, they should match you and your designs. if they are too plain for you try painting with your colours.

another thing you will need is a sign, that is clearly visible to shoppers.

samples of signs @ craft shows:

fabric/paint on a standard canvas, with wooden letters.

i like her simple logo in a fancy picture frame.

looks like this one was professionally printed, but there’s no reason you cant paint or sew your own. here is a tutorial to make your own craft show banner


2 responses to “Craft Table Displays

  1. Wow. What great display ideas. I don’t know about you, but I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to improve my booth at shows. Like they say, “Presentation is everything,” and it’s as true for art/craft as it is for food, yes?

  2. presentation is everything… when eating, shopping.. and meeting people. its that whole “first impression” thing 😀

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