i can make that!

https://i0.wp.com/www.d-vision.co.il/files/ouTable/BRD2.jpgimage originally from d-visionwhat i imagine is a hole drilled into the center of an old china dish to fit a metal pipe with screw ridges on the bottom, and a bolt. to hold the plate on.the top… could the pipe have a hook? or have a small hole drilled through the top, so you can tie this to a treebranch with twine?or a combonation of this…from Pid.sewhere two plates hang at different levels, creating ‘balconies’ for the birdies. although i do love this idea alone. Its a long rubber cord (to prevent slipping from branch) with glass weights on the ends.another garden creation that could potentially be made from recycled materials is this hanging flower pot…https://i0.wp.com/www.jschatz.com/eggplanters/images/epred.jpgfrom Schatzcould you have someone … skilled in glass, or at least will use the right tool for the job… drill four holes in say an old vase.. or fancy wine glass. i know i have some crystal wine glasses that are just too fancy for me. Cut off the stems of the glasses too… perhaps that same skilled glassworker? me. i would do my best to smash it off. then file it so its not a deadly pointed edge. or leave it… wineglasses hanging in the kitchen window could look really neat, with the sun shining through the crystal decorations¬†all three photos originally found on notcot.org


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