self sustaining woodland home

Self-sustaining home built from natural materials, perfectly suited for the english countryside, in which it resides.

this is something i would love to do. This family built their home literally from materials found in the surrounding woods, to save money (who can afford a downpayment and a mortgage on an artists salary??) and protect their family from the hazards of modern day living, chemicals and such. What i love is that he is not a contractor or a builder… just a man with determination and a plan. and he did it all with help of their friends, family and people passing by.

They have partnered with a company called Lammas and are working on a self-sustaining village.

and in this home i would have…

coffepot lady

from Coffee Pot People in Portland, Oregon. (they are just so darn crafty there!!)

firepit from propane tank

and this recycled propane tank turned firepit, from Shining Sun Garden Works in BC

recycled magazine garbage can

this garbage can from recycled magazines found on craftster.

tshirt shag rug

and a tshirt shag rug….

and i am frantically searching for the tutorial i stumbled upon last week, about making a shag rug without using the mesh rug-hooking format. its like a braided rug, that your mom’s mom used to fill the house with… where a braid of fabric is wrapped in a circle and sewn. In this case the mat is entirely recycled.

the basics (in hopes someone knows a proper name for what im looking for or… has seen the tutorial)

  1. cut the tshirt into strips, double the desired length of the shag bits
  2. cut longer strips from bottom of tee and attatch together forming a chain (like paper chains kids make)
  3. use a girth hitch (yes i looked that up) shorter strips onto the longer ‘chain’ you just made…
  4. the rug is created by forming your shape from this shag-chain, just as you would if it were braided.

oh it was so awesome…. why didnt i bookmark it. oh because i thought i had a computerize memory, and can remember everything…when in reality its nothing. lesson learned. bookmark cool stuff!


3 responses to “self sustaining woodland home

  1. First of all, thank you for featuring Angie, one of my Coffee Pot People!

    And second, the other things in this post are WAY cool, and I hope, hope, hope you do find that tutorial!

  2. bookmarked this page, hope you find the tutorial and post it here (or a visitor).
    that house is just straight out of lord of the rings..

  3. Try this link…it has two different resources in one of the posts for making the rug with a crocheted rag base…cool!!

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