Monstrous Supply Swap!!

Monstrous Supply Swap

Date:June 28, 2008

Time: 9am-3pm

Place: 55 Sherwood ave., Kitchener on

Come Shop or Bring Your Own Table and Goods to Swap

please donate $2 if you are bringing your things to swap.

Idea… to shovel out all the supplies that i have collected and will honestly NEVER use. i was a eager collector, with potential in mind. now i just want to focus on one thing.

We are printing flyers to advertise in the area –at local churches, shopping centers and woo! the BINGO hall at the end of the street. PLUS we are putting an ad in the paper.

PS. most of the artists i know are recycled artists. this might be a good venue to dispose of anything random you have collected, broken bits, tiles, china, wire, old scraps… anything that can be turned into art… which is EVERYTHING!

join the facebook event!


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