thrifted furniture is GOOOOD

buying second hand anything is a healthy-for-the-environment choice. PLUS i really really love these peices i found online today…

Asian Green Low Bench from Seven Shores Trading Co.

Bananaleaf Seat from Seven Shores Trading Co.

Zen Meditation Bowl crafted in Hong Kong, found at Seven Shores Trading

Reclaimed barnboard chair by a Mennonite farmer in Linwood. Found at Seven Shores Trading Co.

Seven Shores Trading Co, started in 2004 bringing in handmade items from other continents. They are now carriers of Green Shift™ selling the Top Eco-Friendly Disposable Products such as paper coffee cups, paper towels, napkins. They are located at 72 St. Leger Street Unit 1, off of Briethupt st, and are working on opening a second location in waterloo at 8 Regina st., unit 5.


One response to “thrifted furniture is GOOOOD

  1. I am SO going there tomorrow! Thanks for sharing… otherwise I would have never know that something like that was down the street from my parent’s house! 🙂

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