Local artists

so i have spent most of my day researching the market of artists here in kitchener… and like usual there are more than expected. rather than keep all this info to myself, to use the day the store eventually opens again… i thought i would share some of my favorites.

Tin DoorKnob Hanger from Born In A Barn, Ailsa Craig ON

Giving Tree Brooch from This Little Bird, Waterloo ON

Pearl Hairpins from Munkee Jewelry, Windsor ON

(i personally love the simplicity of her site too!!)

Soapstones, Haliburton ON

(they also have a beautiful pack for babies…with equally cute names like “baby bum butter”. I am so sad i didnt know about them 6 years ago)

Stationary from Paper Hearts Card Co., Whitby ON

Body Parfait from Green Tangerine, Hampton ON

Baby sling from SewFunky, Waterloo ON

Caribbean Sun from Hat Mood, Guelph ON

Waves of the Ocean Earrings from Angelstuff, Waterloo ON

Paper Pendant from PiLeaf Creations, Waterloo ON

Wallets +Pouches from What sew ever, Waterloo ON

Pottery from Nesting Emily, Waterloo ON

Weezi, London ON

These few are NOT local, or even Canadian…

but i love them just the same. They remind me of summer barbeques, and family picnics, but they are much more earth friendly being washable, compared to somthing you toss in the trash.

PORCELAIN PAPER PLATES by Virginia Sin, California

<!––> CRINKLE CUPS by Rob Brandt, California


One response to “Local artists

  1. colourandlight

    Wow, those paper plates are REALLY cool.

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