a local bazaar

I just received a call for artist for a school bazaar at Meadow Lane Public School.
…and of course i have a few things to say.

Please dont be discouraged by small time shows.

My theory is that an impression of the entire “arts market” is created from a single show. if someone who is not “that into crafting” attends a junky-popsicle-stick show… they will most likely never attend another. The more opinions like this that form… the more kitchener arts die. this generalized opinion about crafting + arts is what i hope to change.

You are never to big to attend a little show.

Meeting an artist who is better than you, helps you to strive higher… right? Remember when you were just starting out??

PLUS smaller shows are usually cheaper. and a school show will have a guranteed set of shoppers already. Think of it as you are creating NEW customers for yourself. Why skip an opportunity for that??

I almost participated in this bazaar last year, but i didn’t have enough stock. Thus i have never been, so i dont REALLY know what the sales will be like. it was only $20 to participate in the winter show… i cant imagine much more for summer

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that our
school is hosting a large community garage
sale on June 14th from 8 till 1 and will be
selling spaces in our parking lot to people.
I thought I would contact you to see if
anyone was interested in joining. I will
not be running this event as I will having
a birthday party for my 3 kids that day!!
But Kelly Vachon will be running it instead.
So if you are interest please contact ASAP.

Kelly Vachon 519-1043 or kelshane@rogers.com

Thank-you for your time.

I also will be doing a Winter Bazaar this year, so keep us in mind!!

so there are no small shows, just small minds!

(again, im not promising a fabulous high income show, but every little step helps bring our dream of an art rich community closer to reality)


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