Reclaimed Shows

so, after some chitchat at the last show… we decided to tweak a few things about our reclaimed craft shows.

…first… new name. Please help us choose a new name…

Reclaimed Craft Market

Recycled Art Market

Recycled Market

…second… spread out a wee bit more.

Offered every OTHER month

The shows will be

August – October – December – Febuary – April – June

…third… location

Around Kitchener

because the ultimate goal was to beef up the kitchener art scene, taking the show and advertising out of town is a bit of a waste. we want people from those other towns to eventually come into kitchener to shop for handmade, when they just dont have the time to drive to toronto. So in Kitchener we stay

We are also looking for a permanent location, here in k-dub. We were thinking something beautiful, and quaint. but central. with local traffic… and nothing is really fitting those terms. We are seriously considering returning to city hall.

sweet @ city hall for earth day


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