Monstrous Supply Swap

personally i took some time to clean out my house, and attempt to get all my crafting supplies into the tiny sewing room at  the end of the hall. a lot does not fit… and thus i have deemed it unnessisary.

so… i want to arrange a massive, monstrous Supply Swap with all the crafty persons we have met over our little life.

i havent chosen a date as of yet, but im thinking end of june, or mid july.
setup like a garage sale so others (non-crafty collectors) can purchase our leftover bits + bobs too.

Location: My front + back yard. Kitchener (stanley park)

tables: does everyone have a table?

fee: $6 if you need a table. $2 otherwise

…. supplies only please.

the fee is because i am going to advertise in the pennysaver, and distribute a bulk of flyers
please comment with a month that works for you … and what you can bring 🙂


3 responses to “Monstrous Supply Swap

  1. I would love to come out for this!

  2. OMG that picture made me drool a little!! I’m button-crazy!

  3. i KNOW. i want to frame it and hang it in my craft room!! i too am button obsessed

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